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Latest update: November 3, 2000

Forgiveness and Transformative Discourse

On Tuesday, September 12, 2000, April Tucker wrote:

Today was the first day that i went on the site. After much needed help I finally found out what I was supposed to do. I just finshed the site on foregiveness. To be totally honest I am a person who does not truly know how to forgive. I can't get rid of the negative emotions that arise, even if I try to honestly forgive someone. According to one of the links on forgiveness it was stated that "forgiveness is a sign of strength." This statement alone kept me thinking. I now understand that it is much easier for me not to forgive someone than to let something go and forgive someone. I have always prided myself on being 'strong' . So today I have taken on a new challenge, the challenge to forgive, truly forgive. LETS SEE HOW STRONG I REALLY AM!

April Tucker

On Friday, November 3, 2000, April wrote again:

I havent had any response from you in a while. I nagged you about reminding u to put up my response on forgiveness and I have yet to see it up. Also i have been sending you emails and I'm not sure you have recieived them because you have not given me any responses. I really wanted your feedback about the professor that I have and how her methods are structurally violent. Before taking this class I never thought about certain things like institutional racism, structural violence, etc. I have been exposed to many new concepts that I can apply to my life. I have introduced a lot of my friends who are not in school to this site and we talk about a lot of things in them. I'm not telling you all of this to suck up or anything, I just want you to know that the realness that you share is appreciated and respected. It's not everyday that i find someone in your position that is real with their students and makes them feel more than just your students. Well i know this was a long note so let me end it.

Love and Peace,
April Tucker

On Friday, November 3, 2000, jeanne responded:

A very deep and heartfelt thank you, April. I cannot imagine anything I would enjoy more than knowing that you share the site's contents with your friends. It is through such sharing that we will rebuild our communicative skills.

I also thank you for your patience. I got so sick with the blood pressure medication mix-up that I couldn't keep up with the e-mail. Some of that was the illness and exhaustion. But some of it was the improved quality of all the messages students are sending in. I find my editorial job is almost as big as my writing job at this point.

I want very much to pursue forgiveness in light of Lear's material on loving. But I wanted to get this up quickly tonight, so that others will be able to joing in the discourse.

More soon . . .

By the way, I would give this early contribution an A for the detailed indication of the role forgiveness played in your translation of the concept into your own personal experience. Had I not been ill, we would have had a wonderful discussion thread started. I hope we can go back and recapture it now.

I recognized your name, but could not recall a face, when this November 3 message camae in. As soon as I went back to the September message, the face came back to me. I recalled talking to you about this. That recollection of the face made everything else fall into place. Thank you for having taken the time early in the semester to talk to me.

love and peace, jeanne