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Created: July 2, 2003
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Site Teaching Modules Advance Organizers and Note Taking

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Advance Organizers:

David Ausubel is the learning theorist who first emphasized the importance of flags, headnotes, setting off the bits and pieces of what we are to learn so that we can see them at a glance. This gives us a mind set, a kind of skeleton to hang our reading on. When we know the topic we're reading about it makes it easier to decipher the information quickly. Hence, you're a better reader right from the start.


    For Web searches here I used:
  • "learning theory" AND "advance organizers"
  • and Ausubel and "advance organizers"

    Meaningful Learning Contrasted with Rote Learning . . . Backup. And introduces concept mapping, a means of organizing many separate bits of data or notes. >

  • Developing Lesson Plans This model, offered by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, makes clear the role of advance organizers in teaching. Most of the same reasoning applies to communication for the purpose of explaining a perspective or persuading an other.
  • An Advance Organizer Approach to Distance Learning By John W. Coffey and Alberto J. Caņas. BackupThis short essay points out how Ausubel came up with this concept well in advance of the technology that would lead to distance learning. Good reference with bibliography. But the distance learning makes it an advanced theoretical topic.