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Created: June 16, 2006
Latest Update: June 19, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Governance Discourse Requires Us to Argue Effectively, Even with Strangers and Unlearned People

Susan picked up this message to us on Monday, June 12 , 2006, from Berta Obilie:

Just wanted to thank you guys for what you wrote on Dear Habermas (, Answering Biased Unlearned People.

It helped me. I was going out of my mind thinking i wanted to critique that essay and break it down. I stumbled on your website and the sun broke through. Thank you for your wit, your wisdom, insight, discernment...thank God for you. That is something i can use. I will not waste my time, but i now know what to do. I really hope you do not mind, i spose you'll know where to find me if u do. But i pasted what u said on the little africa discussion forum. I included your website as well. I wanted people to hear it and use it. If u don't mind, i may paste it elsewhere aslo attaching your website. I think its the kind of reason and intelligent critique people need (yes i threw that academic term in there) and what Malcom X spoke of. Hope that doesnt throw you off, but i like him because of his reasoning broke it down effortlessly. I appreciate that, it helps me. Thank you.

Thank you, Berta. We're preparing lots more of that for our Fall 2006 classes and for our community activism. We hope you'll join us often. Our discussion group, quieting down now for the summer, is at The transform_dom group on Yahoo.

Randy just sent us the link to Thom Harmann's article on The Real War - On American Democracy. (Backup) I suspect that the wresting of power from us ordinary folks is probably one of the most serious of the social and political problems we are currently facing, and Thom Hartmann does a good job of helping us see the argument clearly.

"The "new" idea of our Founders in 1776 was to throw off all three of these historic tyrannies and replace them with a fourth way - people being ruled by themselves. A government that derived its legitimacy and continuing existence solely from the approval of its citizens. Government of, by, and for "We, The People." They called it a republican democracy.

"What we are seeing now in the neoconservative agenda is nothing less than an attempt to overthrow republican democracy and replace it with a worldwide feudal state."

And one of those trying to wrest the power is Ann Coulter.

"There have been dozens of battles in the war between the blogs and the establishment media, from the Deborah Howell fiasco to Chris Matthews to Joe Klein to Tim Russert and more. Sites and blogs like Media Matters, dKos, Atrios, Crooks and Liars, FDL, Digby, Think Progress, TPM, and others are the netroots' front line in this increasingly bitter fight. This latest Coulter incident should be a wake-up call to the larger progressive community and to the Democratic leadership. Parading Coulter on national television is a statement from the establishment media that we don't matter, that our 'pressure' is meaningless, that our voices are worthless."

". . . Time after time, the news media have covered progressives and conservatives in wildly different ways -- and, time after time, they do so to the benefit of conservatives."

From Peter Daou: Ann Coulter Identifies John Murtha as a Target for Murder

But the media are almost exclusively corporate-owned. We're back to feudalism, and the destruction of "the people" by whom and for whom this country was founded.

Where does religion fit into this feudalism? Well, if you are of the class of rulers, and if you're guaranteed rapture, you are, then you don't care if you destroy everyone else. They don't count. Scary. This is where suicide bombers come from and where religious believers who count themselves among the most holy will kill for their "God." I fear for he/she who kills in the name of love. jeanne

Cross-posted on The Grit.

This analysis will go on to consider Thom Hartmann's

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the basic problem with Ann Coulter's whole argument in Godless, according to jeanne's analysis here?

    Consider that Coulter assumes that she is right, and that liberals must defend whatever position she has assumed is theirs. jeanne has a distinct and specific problem with any arrogance of knowledge, which means with any assumption that you and only you are right, that there is only one perspective to any of our social and political problems. jeanne and Susan insist that this is a world in which there are many perspectives, many Others, as there should be, and that no human has the right to violate another human's right to answerability, that is, to a voice in his/her perspective of the world's problems.


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