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Agency Class Records: Fall 1999, CSUDH

Symbols Used on Records Sheets
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How to Get an A or B
Consistency: Staying in Touch
How to Get It Down to 25 Words

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: October 16, 1999
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Concepts in Green are important. Be sure that you let us know in some agreed upon way
that you have mastered these concepts.

Agencies Records: Basic Concepts of Learning

Apperceptive Mass Hall's Affect Latent Learning
Bloom's Levels of Cognition Validity Claims in Learning

Records: Agencies Concepts 1

Theory to Policy to Practice Breadth of Agency Reach Agency Capture
Merging Law and Practice Doctrinal Accomodations

Records: Agencies Concepts 2

Public/Private Spheres Diversity of Agency Goals The "Record"
Judiciary Balance Efficiency as Non-Market Goal

Records: Agencies Concepts 3

Administrative Procedure Act (APA) Informal / Formal Structure Informal Agency Action
Market Failure Non-Market Failure Regulatory Good Faith on Issues

Records and Final Grades

Competency Consistency Initiative Cooperation Final Grade

Reports of Learning for Agencies Class, Fall 1999

The symbols used on Records Sheets:

  • 1i =credit exercise done individually             
  • 0i = no credit, done individually             
  • 1d = credit for discussion/reaction to lecture             
  • 2d = we've dialogued 2 rounds             
  • 1g = credit, exercise done in a group             
  • 0g = no credit, exercise in a group