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Agencies Class, Fall 1999

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Jeanne's Notes on Exercise 5: Capture or Who's Minding the Store
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Jeanne's Notes on Exercise 5: Capture or Who's Minding the Store

Curran and Takata, Teaching Series
Copyright: September 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

  1. Is capture an effect of the postmodern multiculturalism?

    No. The tension between expert professionals and special interest groups is one of those ever existing tensions between the individual and the community. The professionals theoretically are the ones who best perceive the overview, with special interest groups trying to distort the process of admnistration each in its own favor. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats themselves form special interest groups and vie for power. There is no simple answer, and this dilemma has always been with us. It did not suddenly appear with postmodernism.

  2. When would it be appropriate to say that an agency has been "captured?"

    When some special interest group, either of the bureaucrats themselves, or of the larger community, or of a coalition of individuals, has sufficient power to influence the administration of the agency and its policy in its favor.

  3. What is the problem with "capture?" Why isn't it balanced out as the groups in power change?

    Capture is a problem because the very term "capture" implies exclusion, with one group using it to gain favor to the exclusion of others.

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