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Ann Coulter, Spitting Anger
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Created: June 18, 2006
Latest Update: June 18, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Viciousness or Love? Which Does Your Psyche Dictate?

Now, since that question comes from the teacher who offers Love 1A, you can pretty much guess I'm going to opt for love, and see Ann Coulter as unprincipled. I do not believe that making profit from goading other people into hate is an activity that would suggest that the perpetrator is in touch with God, her own or anyone else's. But the same perversity that leads to an upclose and personal gawk at tragedy and despair will lead some to pay good money for her book, and maybe even to read her venom.

Discussion Questions

  1. What specifically do we take Ann coulter to task for?

    Consider that the pejoratives she spews are full of hate; words that hurt others; and she chooses to continue such diatribes because they are profitable. We are taking her to task for using hatred as a means of profit. It is a godless thing to do. Strange for the woman who wrote Godless.


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