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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: June 18, 2006
Latest Update: June 18, 2006

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  • Trusting Authorities - Trusting the Newspapers - nobodies03.jpg, howddowe01.gif
    At jcls2512.htm

    jeanne's first version of trust news.

  • Against the Shareholder's Interest - in Violation of Fiduciary Duty - Home Depot

    Portrait of a Screw - This project is NOT acceptable as drawn. F

    Portrait of a Screw: "This project is NOT acceptable as drawn. F"

    Claes Oldenburg

    Arched Soft Screw as Building - Claes Oldenburg - National Gallery

    Goes with NY Times, "The Board Wore Chicken Suits," Joe Nocera, Saturday, May 27, 2006.

    CSUDH should receive a percentage of Home Depot's earnings as payment for the land the school owned because of landgrants for public education in the early 20th Century.

  • The Evocatiion of Winter in Paintings

    Winter: A Russian Painting by Mikhail Larionov
    Russian Exhibit in New York, December 2005 - the Guggenheim a First Rendition by jeanne

    jeanne's first rendition of Winter, by Mikhail Larionov at the Guggenheim Russian Exhibit, December 2006

    What do you suppose attracted me to this painting? Remember, I had to draw it while standing up in a crowded museum. Consider the techniques the artist has use to convey his message. Art doesn't have to be formal, classical, and realistically rendered to be effective in delivering its message. What do you think the woman pictured is saying about love and her cat? jeanne

    Original link no longer working. Backup of photo by Cindy Kassab on Care to Share site

    Kassab Winter Wonderland Snow 96x5.jpg

    At Discussion on the Evocation of Winter in Art. Which rendition of Winter has more meaning for you? Can you tell us why? Consider the abstract information that crowds into the German painting and the fairly specific realistic rendition by the photo.

    • jeanne's first rendering of The Traces of War by Gelii Korzhev (b. 1925)

      jeanne's rendering of Gelii Korzhev's portrait of a soldier, The Traces of War.

      The Russian exhibit at the Guggenheim was long, and I had little time to sketch. But the monochromatic portrait of this soldier made me stop to try to capture some of the feeling. A handsome young man. One eye permanently closed by a war he may well have not understood and probably didn't choose. On Renderings as a Stimulus to Personal Art, you'll find the sketch from which I drew this. There's also another sketch very near this portrait, of a young man lost in his father's overcoat. Both these pieces made a profound impression on me as I contemplated the

    • Agency Foibles and Governance Discourse: "Records indicate that the DWP [Department of Water and Power], which supplies the city's water, spent $31,160 --- the most among 23 city agencies that bought bottled water." (Mayor Reasserts Ban on Bottled-Water Purchases, by Ptrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times, Friday, January 6, 2006.

      Issues of Water and Power, Growing

      Issues of Water and Power, Growing

      See Index on 'Water Issues for story of Bechtel and water in Bolivia.

    • Codes from Liberal Arts Education Learning: Magritte - Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe

      Advertisement for student funding from New York Times Magazine, January 8, 2006.

      I am not a car. / This is not a pipe.

      “I'm not lying, this is not a pipe”: Foucault and Magritte on the Art of Critical Pedagogy by James Palermo, Buffalo State College, Philosophy of Education, 1994. Backup.

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