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Created: November 9, 2001
Latest Update: November 9, 2001

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Recreating Time for Academic Bull Sessions

Journal entry by Kasie Boone

Review and Essay by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Copyright: Jeanne Curran, Susan R. Takata, and Olivier Urbain: November 2001.
and Individual Authors. "Fair Use" encouraged.

One of the advantages to living on a college campus is that of having discretionary time to spend with others who are also pursuing their education full time. No, I don't mean just the number of courses they're taking. I mean they don't have other primary duties to distract them: like job, money management, family. Most of my students, even graduate students, have all those tasks to manage on top of their full time study. You don't have to be genius to know that something has to give in that situation.

And what usually gives is the discretionary time when we just hang out together and mull over the things we're learning. Now, first of all, let me tell you that I never got to live on a college campus and experience what I'm telling you about. This is my fantasy of what it must have been like for those Others who lived at my college. And sometimes my fantasy of what it was like is lots neater than the real thing. So this is my fantasy of what it would be like if we all had four years to study and mull over what we're learning.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2001, Kasie Boone wrote:

Subject: EEK I just need a little help

hello Jeanne. my name is kasie and I am in all three of your classes that you teach. now I have gone through the website trying to figure out how I can really show you that I understand your information. I have emailed you weekly trying to tie in terms with what I have learned. What I need you to help me on is making sure that what I am doing is valid. I really do not want to keep emailing things that are not valid. I know that you are a busy lady, but I JUST NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE PLEASE.

Also, today in class you stated that you put up a topic on "how to get a "A". But you haven't put up there how a student is able to make a legitimate appointment with you. I would like some advisement and would love to be able to sit and talk to you on class situations. But we all know that students are overwhelmingly pact during your office hours. Can you please put up a insert on how to make a appointment or something relevant to that. thank you so much

kasie b.

On Friday, November 9, 2001, jeanne responded:

Kasie, can you come in at 5:30 after the Soc of law class or after the Transforming Discourse class? Frequently there are no students up there then. We're trying to open our Dear Habermas office, and you're right, it's often packed in my office. But we're not formal. If you can come in between 7 and 8:30 on tuesday or thursday, we're discussing theory. And you're welcome to join in those discussions. Earlier in the day, I'm on the computer, and we kind of need that time for me to get the site up. Let me know if one of these solutions will work. Also, look at the announcements for Week 12. (I'll have it up soon.) One of our thesis projects has taken on this problem, and we're trying out some solutions. See if that will help.

Gotta go put up the Current Issue for Week 12 now.

love and peace, jeanne