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Latest update: July 8, 2000
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Challenges and Overcoming Them


Stories About Overcoming Challenge

Stories About Us From Us

  • Staying in School with Diabetes
    A story on what it's like.

    Staying in School with Cancer
    Peritoneal Cancer: An Alert for Women
    Late Effects of Childhood Cancer
    After the cancer is cured come the side effects
    of the strong medicines taken and of the problems
    in procuring and maintaining medical insurance.
    Opportunities for Advocacy
    Alternative Medicine and Cancer
    Dr. Klausner's National Cancer Institute Address
    on Alternative Medicine and Cancer

    Staying in School When Family Torn by Drugs
    The November Coalition is a support group
    for families torn by the War on Drugs.
    They speak of gaining a voice to make themselves
    heard on the folly of the war on drugs.
    See also War on Drugs

    Stories from Those of Us for Whom
    School Means Overcoming Challenge

    Learning is an extension of ourselves. Knowledge, like any other tool humans have learned to adapt, gives us a sense of power, of being able to move beyong the limitations of our daily lives. That power really matters when we feel limited by illness, injury, infirmities we cannot control. Knowledge lets us shrivel the limitations to manageable proportions. And so school, for some of us, is a place of refuge, of renewal, of hope.

    This section of our site, Challenge, is for the sharing of our stories and experiences. We hope that it will help us discover that none of us is alone, and that all of us are integral members of the academic community without whom it cannot grow to its real potential.

    Four Dear Habermas research assistants began the section this semester as part of their project in describing the story of one of us who has been struggling with acute illness. We are working at putting the section together, but jeanne has learned that if we put things off until they're polished, we often put them off forever. So we invite you to share with us and help us develop Staying in School with Diabetes.