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Accountability and Equal Opportunity

How Accountabiliy Can Lead Us into Structural Violence
Setting Aside Expectations in Forgiveness

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Latest update: March 18, 2000
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On Friday, March 17, Kimberly Pena wrote:

Group discussion on Accountability (3/14/00)

Accountability must be redefined.  It cannot be a "1 to 1 correspondence" any longer.  Usually, the privileged people give financial support to causes like education.  The problem is, they require something specific in return. If an "underpriveleged" black student is required to spend her or his first two years out of law school in the local area that gave him/her a scholarship to study for the bar, and has to turn down a big job on Wall Street, she or he continues to be enslaved by the white elite.  This student cannot live up to her or his full potential, and a career might be damaged.

I'm sorry to say, equal opportunity DOES NOT exist.  If Bill Gates had instead been "Mary Gates,"  would she have been taken seriously? 

On Saturday, March 18, jeanne responded:

Kimberly, you've raised two very important points here.