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Created: July 21, 2003
Latest Update: January 2, 2007
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Index of Topics on Site The Creation and Governance of Community - An Index
When we speak on Dear Habermas of creation and governance of community we are referring to the right and duty of every citizen to participate in the values and customs in their own local community. We include small children in that definition, for it is through being included, having a voice, being listened to, that they will grow into the responsibilities of citizens in the future to guard all our values and customs and pass them on to future generations. I've tried to list files by category, but I'm doing this as I write, and am open to hearing any suggestions you have for changes. jeanne

  • Learning We Need to Share with Our Community

    • Reading and Writing Skills: Assessment and Adversarialism

      This file explains some of the problems with school testing. This set of files will address problems and alternatives for motivating all of us to read and write. Educational theory and discussion questions included.

    • LaToya's sharing of an Internet Post
      Obviously Latoya liked this message on the Internet, one of the pass-it-along things that comes up. i like it to, but haven't had time to update and add discussion questions. I'll tie it in to Community Out-of-Awareness. I'll be using Jean Jacues Rousseau's theories from Emile, in doing that. January 3, 2007. jeanne

      The following files need to be sorted out and interpreted in light of our work for the last several years. Will get to it as soon as I can. jeanne

    • Comments on the Aesthetics of Community Community Out-of-Awareness.
      Confusing set of notes from 2003. I'll be updating them this week. jeanne

    • The Making of Community: Interdependence
      The Making of Community: Marriage Today Backup of a NYTimes article on community as affected by marriage breakups.

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