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Reports of Learning, CRMJ/SOCA 363, Corrections - Fall 2001

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: January 17, 2002
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning.

Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Updated on January 17, 2002

Student 78 - Some communication though not consistent. A little cooperation. Creativity that is lacking in communication but there. Competency shown in journal but not communicated. 1st rol="B-" [10/28] Little to no communication. Inability to show competence, though understanding. 2nd rol="C" [11/27] Some communication. Always cooperative and consistent in gorups Strong exam grade. Strong creativity. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B-" [12/13a]

Student 210 - Covered the 5Cs in one way or another. Could do better however. 1st rol="B" [11/14]Missed class due to illness, but participated and kept in touch. Writes in journal. Competence shows on grid sheet. 2nd rol="C-" [11/29] Participated in class discussions. Did emails and class prepareds; creative measures. Came to class. Voiced opinions about assignment discussions. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="B-" [12/14]

Student 558 - Followed the 5Cs. Kept a journal. Participated regularly. Attended seminar outside of class. 1st rol="B+" [11/1] Completed the 5Cs. Attends class regularly. Visited the site. Emailed instructor. 2nd rol="B" [11/19] Kept a strict journal. Stuck to grade form as much as possible. Emailed every time. Was cooperative in class. Showed understood materials. 3rd rol= "B-" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 1025 - Participates in class. Willing to share in groups and class discussions. Not much creativity. 1st rol="C-" [Late 1st rol] [11/16] Speaking in class. Participates in group discussions. Prepared for class. Shares understanding in class discussions. [limited creative measures] 2nd rol="C-" [11/17] Communication ws participation in discussions and email about research. Cooperation with email, groupwork and participation. Consistency with prepared for class discussions. Competence in sharing thoughts in class. Creativity ws boot camp research.3rd rol="D+" Course grade="C-" [12/14]

Student 1165 - Communiates well through e-mail. Cooperates with others, and has formed a group. Needs to speak up more in class to show competence. 1st rol ="C+" [11/14] Prepared for most assignments but missing some classes. Cooperates with group in and out of class. Continues to communicate with instructor but lacking creative measures. Attended Ellsworth and RCI visits. 2nd rol="C-" [late rol; too many blanks on grid form] [12/4] Improved coming to class; helped to display consistency and competence. Talked mostly in small groups. Communicated prepareds. Spoke to professor occasionally. Lacked creative measures. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="C+"

Student 1416 - Communicates in groups and whereabouts. Cooperates with others. Creativity with plans to attend field trips and research on boot camps. Consistent with journal. Understands Hassine book. 1st rol ="B-" [11/12] Communicates whereabouts. Emails questions. Creativity on boot camps continues. Understands readings. Cooperates in groups. [grade form exceeds max] 2nd rol="B" [12/7] Have used all 5Cs in the past 5 weeks and grade form shows this. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 2374 - Completed the five Cs to the best of my ability. Come to class and participate every day. 1st rol="A" [11/1] Participated and came to class for the last five weeks. [vague rol] 2nd rol="A-" [11/19] With everything completed to the best of ability.3rd rol="A" Course grade="A" [12/13a]

Student 2560 - Received "B" on midterm exam. Turned in everything but rol on time. Speaks up in class. Doing a cooperative creative learning project. 1st rol= "B-" [11/1] Understands homework. Attends class. Speaks more often in class. Evidence of creativity still lacking. [grid form incomplete] 2nd rol="C+" [11/20] Completed all assignments. Completed semester-long creative project. Communicated regularly. Kept journal. Received "C" on midterm. 3rd rol'"C" Course grade="C+" [12/13a]

Student 2563 - Has discussed itmes in class consistently. Completed most of the exercises. Has formed a group. Worked and lead group discussions in class. Some creativity for the Hassine book and movies. 1st rol="B+" [10/28] Continues to discuss in class and in groups. Added another member to group. Went on field trip to Racine County Jail. Continued to discuss in class and in groups. Added another member to group. Went on field trip to Racine County Jail. [late rol] 2nd rol="B" [12/10] Worked with group on exercises emailing and in class. Discussed exercises in class. Consistent in class discussions. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="B-" [1/16]

Student 2614 - Attended class on a regular basis. Was prepared for most of the pass/prepareds. Kept up on all readings. Comprehend all material covered. [no face to name] 1st rol= "B-" [10/30] Attended class on a regular basis. Was prepared consistently for discussions in class. Understood material covered in readings in class. 2nd rol="C" [11/27] Attended class on regular basis. Prepared consistently. Improved communication from last rol. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 3729 - From the participation, group discussion, latent learning, pass/prepareds, emails and cooperation in class, keeping up with readings and signing up for field trips would reflect following grade. 1st rol="B". [10/28] Increased communication with instructor in class and email. Consistent cooperation in class and out. Participation in field trips. 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted but discussed via email. 3rd ro="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 3848 - Kept up with journal. Emailed all pass/prepareds but one. Cooperative in class by communicated opinions. Communicating with classmate. Made plans for debriefing. 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Communicates opinions in class. Cooperates with group. Emails dialogues. Consistent with pass/prepareds. Creative with ideas for class and discussions. [prepared for all but 2 blanks] 2nd rol="B" [11/17] Communicated in class discussions. Consistent with emails and dialogues. Competent doing worksheet eadings. Did debriefing on Ellsworth and research for creativity. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13a]

Student 3896 - Communication and competency shown in pass/prepareds, email contacts, and class discussions. Creativity will be shown in comparison paper. Helping classmates. Consistency shown through class attendance, communication and email contacts. 1st rol= "C+"[11/1] Increased communication in class. Met with instructor. Cooperation shown in groupwork. Consistency displayed in attendance. Competency seen in answering questions. Creativity seen in comparison paper. 2nd rol="C" [11/21] Communication seen through emails, office visits and class participation. Cooperation by helping classmates and resolving conflicts. Consistency in class attendance. Competence displayed on final exam and paper. Creativity demonstrated in comparison paper and final exam. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/14]

Student 4037 - What was not shown in class, was emailed and shown on midterm exam. Always in class. 1st rol = "B+" [11/1] Fulfilled the 5Cs. Worked a lot harder. Attended every field trip could. 2nd rol="B+ [11/19] Worked slightly less motivated this portion of class but still applied the 5Cs through constant calss attendance and email. 3rd rol="B" Course grade= "B+" [12/13]

Student 4135 - Have learned many things in the past five weeks. Shows on grid form. 1st rol="B" [10/28] Participated in many activities and made responses to activities in class. Shown evidence of learning through emails and journal entries. 2nd rol="B+" [11/19]Fulfilled grade form agreement to the fullest. Also showed learning with 5Cs. [3rd rol vague] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 4282 - Field mouse. [10/28] No 2nd rol submitted Still a field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 4431 - Haven't been keeping up with journal or emails. Do attend class on a regular basis. Keeping up with readings. Haven't been emailing learning. [no face to name] 1st rol="C+"[11/1] Always in class. Does the readings regularly. Does self-tests. Thinking of a topic to research. 2nd rol="C+" [12/10] Attends class regularly. Do the readings. Researched death penalty and gender. Communicated regularly through email.[3rd overrated; limited creative measures; factor in final exam grade] Course grade="C+" [12/16]

Student 4697 - Consistency, cooperation and competence are there. Communication about halfway. Creativity needs work; getting started on it. 1st rol ="B-"[11/13] All 5Cs have improved on. Creativity is lacking somewhat. 2nd rol="B" [11/17] A little lighter on creativity, but still covered 5Cs. Covered everything on grade form. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 4818 - No grid or rol. [10/28] No 2nd rol. A field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 4876 - Although didn't know what do to the first two weeks, made a comeback in the following three weeks. [vague rol] 1st rol="B-" [10/28] Getting much stronger in 5Cs. Beginning to talk more in group and class discussions. 2nd rol="B" [11/17] Lacked consistency in last weeks but worked hard overall. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13b]

Student 6170 - Communicates well through email. Consistency up to par. Competence 3/4 there. Cooperated well in and outside of class. Creativity is strong. 1st rol="A-" [10/28] Creativity stronger. Communication is greater. Competence has increased in class. Remained stable in and outside of class. 2nd rol="A" [11/27] Slacked off last four weeks with creativity. Speaking in class showed competence and communication. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 6575 - There are certain areas that need to improve on. 1st rol = "B-" [very vague rol] [10/28] Need to work a little harder in some areas. [vague rol. creative measures limited] 2nd rol= "B". [11/17] Lacking creativity and a little consistency. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 6653 - Communicates well with professor. Needs improvement on creativity and consistency. Started talking more in class discussions. Trying to overcome shyness to improve grade. 1st rol= "B-" [11/4] Worked harder this time. Prepared for all self-tests. Started talking more in class. [grade form exceeds max] 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] Worked hard on research. Talked more in class. Communicated witih professor. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/13]

Student 6788 - Comes to class regularly. Completed most assignments. Talks in groups and to class. Working on creativity. Learning more about corrections. 1st rol="B-" [10/28] Participates in class regularly. Completes all assignments. Communicates more. Completed goals of 5Cs. 2nd rol="B+" [11/17] Completed 5Cs. [very vague] 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/17]

Student 6974 - Attends class consistently. Slowly beginning to participate more. Ask/email questions. 1st rol = "C" [11/13] Contributes thoughts much more consistently. Emails concerns regularly. Understands class materials. Cooperates in groups. Only lacking in creative measures. 2nd rol="C-" [11/26] Consistent with attendance, participation, and understanding of material and notes. Average class work. 3rd rol="B-" [12/15] Course grade="C+" [12/15]

Student 7203 - Come to class every day except one. Got a "B" on midterm. 1st rol = "B-" [11/13] Comes ot class everyday. Emails whereabouts. Speaks up as much as possible. Does most homework. 2nd rol="C" [11/17] Went to class regularly. Communicated whereabouts. Did pass/prepareds. Contributed to class a lot. 3rd rol="C-" Course grade="C" [12/14]

Student 7548 - No grid or rol. [10/28] No 2nd rol submitted. A field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 7740 - Field mouse. [10/28] No 2nd rol. Still a field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted Course grade="F" [12/13]

Student 8248 - Started to be on top of things by writing in journal every day. Emailing professor pass/prepared. Getting into groups. Talk aloud in class. At the beginning didn't understand but do now. [no face to name; 2 blanks in self-tests] 1st rol="C+" [10/28] More on task. Talks more in class or by email. Doing much better this time around. 2nd rol="C-" [12/5] Everything began to fall in place unlike the second rols. Everything improved more. More creativity being a big part in this grade. 3rd rol="C" [12/16] Course grade="C" [12/16]

Student 8767 - Completed all but one assignment. Talks in groups. working on creativity. In class regularly. Keeping up with readings, journal and vocabulary. Emails teacher regularly. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [11/2] Always prepared for class. Keeping up with journal. Speaking more in class. Still working on creativity. Emails instructor constantly. Ahead in readings. 2nd rol="C+" [12/7] Came for class. did creative scholarship. Finished journal. Was group speaker a lot. Prepared for all handouts and most pass/prepareds. Learned more towards end of semester. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/14]

Student 8948 - Shown up every scheduled class time. Taken part in class discussions. Made a conscious effort to learn. 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Always shows up in class. Contributes to discussions when can. Always tries to be prepared for class discussions and assignments. 2nd rol="B-" [11/26] Attempted to keep up with the 5Cs. Tried to make up creativity points towards the end. Did well. 3rd rol="B+" [12/17] Course grade="B" [12/13]