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CRMJ/SOCA 363 Corrections - Fall 2002
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Latest update: December 25, 2002
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning. Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

The first ROL period is from Week 1 through Week 4 (September 4-27, 2002). The second ROL period is from Week 5 through Week 9 (September 29-November 1, 2002). And, the third and final ROL period is from Week 10 through Week 14 (November 3-December 6, 2002).The criteria for grading were the 5Cs -- communication, cooperation, consistency, competency, and creativity in conjunction with your latest grade form that I have on file. Also considered is Bloom and Krathwohl's taxonomy of learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Explanation of my comments:
-- Grade will be posted when grade is agreed upon.
-- Slightly underrated (under by 1 grade)
-- Underrated (under by 2 grades)
-- Slightly overrated (over by 1 grade)
-- Overrated (over by 2 grades)
-- Way overrated (over by 3 grades)
-- Way, way overrated (over by 4 grades)
-- Extremely overrated (over by 5 or more grades)

For example, a student assesses ROL at an "A" and my response is "way overrated" (meaning that my assessment is 3 grades lower than the student's assessment), which would be a grade of "B".

Updated on December 25, 2002

Student 39 - Have done minimum amount of work but have sone some work. 1st rol="D" [10/16] [no 2nd grid form submitted] [11/5] field mouse [no 3rd grid form submitted] [12/11] Course grade="F" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 130 - When started class, not sure what to do. As class went on, discovered without parameters of a "normal" recite/rote class, was instead looking up a variety of corrections topics. 1st rol="Borderline A-/A" [10/9] Have been reading and researching; picking here and there and finding areas of interest in juvenile offenders and drug/alcohol rehabilitation. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [11/1] Researched a variety of topics of interest. Stayed focused. 3rd rol="B+" [12/11] Course grade="A-" [12/16]

Student 306 - Haven't done what should have in class as far as staying in communication with professor. Working hard to stay up with readings. Participating in class and groupwork. Planning out what to do for a measure of learning. 1st rol="B-" [10/15] Accomplished the 5Cs through the utilization of a survey. Survey incorporates 5Cs. Communicating doings and results to professor. 2nd rol+"B-" [12/5] Stayed active during final five weeks. Have shown/achieved the 5Cs of learning more so than during previous ROL periods. 3rd rol="B" [12/13] Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 695 - Have done everything on my grade form. The only thing haven't done are site visits. Read half the book, Life without parole. Communicated well with during discussions. 1st rol="B-"[10/15] Did not communicate as well as in first rol. Have evened that by attending sie visits. Researched prison gangs. Participated in group discussions. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [11/1] Attended ASC meetings. Finished three debriefings. Don't talk a lot in big class discussions. Did not communicate as well as had hoped. 3rd rol="B/B-" [12/13] Course grade="B" [12/16]

Student 795 - Keeping up and doing best I can while learning how this system works. 1st rol="B+" [10/5] Managed to work on all 5Cs. Actively participated in group conversations and always prepared with discussion questions. Consistentlyemailed professor regarding thoughts and opinions. Emailed a couple of things researched. Attended two site visits. 2nd rol=A-" [12/9] Have done good in all 5Cs. Constantly emailed professor having discussions back and forth. Participated in group discussions and also class ones. Always prepared for class. Done some resarch relaing to the class. 3rd rol="B-" [12/13] Course grade="B+" [12/16]

Student 1130 - Completed all homework and readings assigned. Participated in group discussions and outside participation. 1st rol="B" [10/7] Have a better understanding of how 5Cs work. Read all the assigned readings and homework questions for discussion. Have researched two topics outside of class. One of the projects was with classmate. 2nd rol="B" [11/1] Performed all 5Cs throughout the 3rd rol. Did all readings and questions. Performed a huge statistical project. Shared opinions with classmates in grou discussions. Did not email as much. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [12/16] Course grade="B" [12/16]

Student 1319 - [no grade or rol noted] [10/1] Mostly worked on creative measures by going on two site visits and shadowing probation and parole agent. Completed all headings and participated in group discussions. Met with classmates to work on creative measures. Late grid form. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [11/4] field mouse. no 3rd grid form submitted [12/11] Course grade="F" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 1739 - Not applying self as should be. Doing reading assignments. Speaks up in class when here. Grid form does not reflect actual effort. [very sparse grid form] 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [10/18] Have applied self more to the class. Understands grid form. 2nd rol="B-/C+" [11/1] Have been active in class even though have not emailed professor. Missed one week of class. 3rd rol="C" [12/11] Course grade="C+" [12/25]

Student 1828 - Participated in class discussions. Did some research outside of class. Read assigned readings. Started to communicate with professor through email and met with her. Now have a better understanding. 1st rol="B" [11/15] Prepared for all topics discussed in class. Communicated some research. Participated in group discussions. Research has been done, but needs to communicate more often. Debriefing still needs to be done. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [11/19] Demonstrated the 5Cs of learning. Done what is required and applied it outside of classroom. 3rd rol="B-" [12/18] Course grade="B-" [12/18]

Student 1907 - Attended every class. Prepared for all discussions. Participated in groups. Communicated questions and concerns. Helped friends and classmates. Have not completed any creative measures. 1st rol="B-" [10/4] Communicated with professor consistently every week. Able to help classmates. Attended every class and was prepared for discussions. Understood discussions, readings and documentaries. Did a debriefing of site visit. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [11/10] Consistently communicated with professor. Attended class everyday. Completed debriefing. Started on a research topic. Communicated research. Completed everything. Did what was supposed to. 3rd rol="B" [12/17] Course grade="B" [12/17]

Student 2097 - Having trouble fully understanding what all is going on. Have fallen behind slightly. [see me if you're having trouble] 1st rol="C" [10/1] Better keeping up with things that are going on the web page. Trying to email professor. Probably needs to show journal. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [12/5] Went to RYOC and wrote paper. Went to class. Looked up creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [12/11] Course grade="C-" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 2379 - Didn't really understand how to do the grid form. But sent several emails about research topics and what learning is going on. 1st rol="B+" [10/7] Did not work as hard this period. Did not communicate research all of the time. Attended site visit. Late 2nd rol. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [11/15] field mouse [no 3rd grid form submitted] [12/11] Course grade="F" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 3124 - Utilized the 5Cs of communication throughout the four weeks of class. yet to use my creativity of the 5Cs. Still working to fill that slot. 1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [10/9] Have applied all 5Cs including creativity has improved greatly. Have been applying policy, practice and thoery to assigned readings. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [12/6] Have implemented all 5Cs along with combining theory, policy, practice within corrections. Strongest asset was creative measures. 3rd rol="C+" [12/16] Course grade="B-" [12/16]

Student 3282 - Stuck to all of the 5Cs. Understands material and applies to other things researching. Thinking in more depth about each topic as it applies to theory, policy, practice. 1st rol="A-" [10/3] Still kept up with 5Cs. Email all questions and comments. Interviewed four people. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [11/7] Followed all 5Cs. Done a number of debriefings. Everything does relates to theory, policy, practice. Took both exams. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/C" [12/16] Course grade="B-" [12/18]

Student 4267 - Do a lot and participate all the time but sometimes not as much as some others. Like reading at own pace everyday and getting ahead. Started section in journal on newspaper clippings. Always cruising on internet looking for something on corrections. 1st rol="B+" [10/1] Been working twice as hard last five weeks. Finished Holes and all of research projects. Always do discussion questions on time. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [11/8] Worked hard and did a lot of extra things. Expanded on class discussions sometimes. Work has not depleted at all since the last time. 3rd rol="A-" [12/11] Course grade="A-" [12/13]

Student 4362 - Participated in class discussions. Explained about computer and email illiteracy. Did the readings. Not very good at evaluating self. [should revise rol to reflect 5Cs better] 1st rol="B" [10/1] Met with professor and explained email situation. In class, when in groups, is prepared. Speaks out on current events. Ask questions. 2nd rol="C-" [12/6] Knowing situation, made it to class. Participated in all group discussions. Stayed after to talk with professor. 3rd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [12/13] Course grade="C" [12/13]

Student 4403 - Have done all readings with notes. Started research topic. Gone to all classes. Emails questins and comments about readings and class discussions. 1st rol="B+" [10/3]Did all 5Cs by emailing, reading and going to class. 2nd rol="B+" [11/7] Emailed on comments, questions and research. did all the readings and questions on website. 3rd rol="A-" [12/11] Course grade="A-" [12/16]

Student 4767 - Always in class. Participates. Does work. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [10/11] Grid form is more detailed than the last one. Should have done more dialoguing with professor relating to creative measures. Don't always get a chance to check email. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [11/1] Always in class. Participates. Successfully interviewed probation/parole officer and debriefed. Was sick for one week. 3rd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [12/14] Course grade="B-" [12/16]

Student 5198 - Been working incredibly hard on trying to accomplish everything. Have done all homework/readings/questions, etc. Have gone above and beyond. 1st rol="A" [10/1] Demonstrated all 5Cs and have gone out of way to learn more. Shows interest in topic which leads to consistency. 2nd rol="A" [11/1] For this five week period, was active learner successfully completing all 5Cs. 3rd rol="A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/18]

Student 5207 - Done the 5Cs for the most part, so far. Could work on creativity a little more. 1st rol="B" [10/5] Have done more work, especially in creative measures. The only problem was sick but still looked online for the next week class. Improved greatly in 5Cs. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [11/6] Was really involved in this class (not speaking out loud) but really tried to get involved. Improved consistency and competence. 3rd rol="C+" [12/17] Course grade="B-" [12/17]

Student 5474 - Prepared and consistently communicating. Started creative studies and researching topic. 1st rol="A-" [10/1] Over the last five weeks, sloughed off a bit but still communicated to professor. Worked with partner outside of class. Always comes to class. Creative study needs to increase. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/C" [12/16] Did a lot of work and tried to keep u with 5Cs but failed at most of them. Worked with another student. Communicated in class. Tried to email when could. Worked on two creative studies. 3rd rol="C" [12/11] Course grade="B-" [12/16]

Student 6161 - Worked well with the 5Cs in this class. [vague rol] 1st rol="Borderline A-/A" [10/9] Did well on creative measures, except week 3 was not consistent. Was working on debriefing. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/A" [11/1] Was consistent with creative measures. Chicago meetings waws huge part of creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 6253 - Doing the required work, plus more. Looking at different web sites to learn more about corrections. Improving week by week with 4 out of 5Cs. Need to work on competence and a little more on creativity. 1st rol="B+" [10/1] Participates in small group discussions. Cooperates in and outside of class with classmates and professor. Attended two site visits. Researching death penalty. Improving on 5Cs. 2nd rol="B+" [11/1] Worked very hard with the 5Cs. Actively communicated well with professor and classmates. Able to apply theory, policy and practice to readings. Finished creative measures. Kept up with journal. 3rd rol="A" [12/13] Course grade="A-" [12/16]

Student 6628 - Every week, adds thoughts to professor and class. Cooperated. Consistently attends class. Done the modules and readings. Understands class style. Begun creative project. 1st rol="B" [10/14] At beginning, did not communicate learning as much as should have. But after meeting with professor, got on track. Cooperates with group members. Consistently comes to class. Getting a lot easier to speak up in class. Reading book outside of class. 2nd rol="B" [12/13] Completed creative measure. Compared two novels. Applied what learned in class. Submitted a paper. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [12/13] Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 6810 - Have not gone the extra mile in creativity yet. Kept up with readings. Communicated with professor on various occassions. Started to watch the news daily to keep up with current events. 1st rol="B+" [10/6] Kept in contact with professor on current events and on research topics. Communicated findings with professor and with class. For creative measures, to follow up on clemency hearings. 2nd rol="A-" [11/1] Remained in communication. Discussion of topics in class, current events and on creative measures. Cooperated in class with others. Consistently watched news and learned about corrections. Read book for creative measures. 3rd rol="A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/16]

Student 6997 - Actively communicated through email and in class, when possible. Researched various topics . Prepared outline of Hassine book. Missed some classes. Working on questionaire with another student. Late grid form. 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [10/5] Continued ability to communiate in class. Current on readings. Continued work on survey. 2nd rol="C+/B-" [11/1] Although missed classes, always came prepared and lead small group discussions on many occasions. Worked on creative measures with another student. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C+" [12/11] Course grade="C+" [12/18 - grade not interactive and interdependent]

Student 7556 - During first two weeks, didn't know what was going on. Didn't know what professor expected and doesn't know what to expect for grid form. Does best to keep up. Does discussion questions. 1st rol="C+" [12/12] Caught up with course work and have adjusted to teaching style. Completed the required work and participated in class with active and informed dialogue. Periodic emails to discuss class related issues. [2nd grid LATE] 2nd rol="B" [11/8] No problems understanding and completing the class and group discussions. Kept up with assignments. Attended class consistently. 3rd rol="B-" [12/12] Course grade="B-" [12/16]

Student 7755 - [rol too vague] [10/1] Gotten the hang of things. Not just depending on class work. Getting out there and working on own ideas. A lot less sloppy and a lot more learning. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [11/1] Continued to work on everyday requirements such as readings and class discussions. Kept in constant contact with professor. Worked really hard on creative measures. 3rd rol="B" [12/16] Course grade="B" [12/17]

Student 7854 - Good grasp on preliminary materials covered. Assisted many with grade form, grid form and the overall format. 1st rol="Borderline A-/A" [10/1] although missed a class, haven't missed a beat. Always prepared and participates in class. Actively doing creative measures. 2nd rol="A-" [11/1] Have been very consistent in all areas: working on creative measures, participation, and preparation. 3rd rol="A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/13]

Student 8099 - Probably could have emailed more. Came to class everyday except for Wednesday of last week. Could participate in class more. 1st rol="Bordeline B-/B" [10/1] Did everything that is asked and performed the 5Cs pretty well. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [11/7] Did every discussion question. Came to class just about everyday. Completed the five Cs. Expressed learning very well in discussions. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [12/16] Course grade="B-" [12/18]

Student 8133 There are many different ways of learning. Reading is one thing. Putting effort into researching. Willing to help others. 1st rol="A" [10/1] Even though have been out of class, still communicates with professor. Able to apply theory, policy, practice with various readings. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [11/15]

Student 8159 - Worked very hard in all five areas. Achieved something for each week. In the beginning, was a little confused but still communicated ideas. Doing all readings and modules. Speaks up in class, groups and emails reactions. 1st rol="A". [10/1] Accomplished 5 Cs by working hard on a daily asis. Paid attention in class. Evaluated what was being said and reacted to everything. If wanted to know something, researched the topic. 2nd rol="A" [11/1] Researched topics and reacting to class. Comments on issues, Kept up with classwork. Continually referred back to correctional ideologies. 3rd rol="A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/16]

Student 8171 - Kept up with journal and emailing consistently. Workin on websites and researching a few topics. Working outside of class with others. 1st rol="B+" [10/1] Kept up with emails and readings. Did a lot of creative measures. Works with a few people outside of class. Kept up with journal. 2nd rol="A" [11/1] Worked really hard the last five weeks. Gotten involved in creative measures. Kept up with journal, emailing/dialoguing with professor, and looking up words. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [12/16] Course grade="A-" [12/16]

Student 8447 - First four weeks, new to student. Emails professor on creative scholarship. Presents current events. Learning different concepts about corrections. 1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [10/1] The second five weeks were a tad bit more challenging. Had a lot more hands on type discussions and watched more videos. 2nd rol="C+" [11/18] Still learned much about corrections. Liked talking about juvenile corrections. Working in groups was able to express self more. 3rd rol="C+" [12/13] Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 8683 - Emailed regularly. Came to class everyday except one. Researching topics. 1st rol="B+" [10/4] With better understanding of 5Cs, have used all of them. Consistency in driving forward to learn helps with creative measures. Communicates daily. More progress than last rol. 2nd rol="A-" [11/7] Did just as much learning as last time, if not more. Got more involved and wanted to find out more. Did much more in the process. 3rd rol="A" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/16]

Student 8708 Based on information obtained and kept up with journal and emails. Learned from readings and outside of class. Always present and interested. Talks in class and in small groups. 1st rol="A" [10/1] Continuing to learn the 5Cs. Represented them well. Interested for the sake of learning; not just for the sake of getting a good grade, as noted in grid form. 2nd rol="A" [11/1] Well represented the five Cs inside and outside of class. Learned a lot. Made progress and now pulling all measures together. 3rd rol="A-" [12/11] Course grade="A" [12/13]

Student 8764 - Internet was down. Communication erratic. Influential in groups. Came up with two topics. Contributed heavily. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [12/16] Cooperation, consistency and competence are all working fine. Creativity is erratic but underway. Communication is non-electronic, but is happening. Not emailing, but are talking. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [11/1] Performed 5Cs adequately. 3rd rol="B" [12/11] Course grade="B" [12/16]

Student 9327 - Started three research projects for class that related to Life without parole and correlating with corrections book. Shared thoughts and concerns in class and through emails. Keep in contact on progress. 1st rol="B+" [10/9] [grade form under creative measures exceeds 80%. please correct ASAP] Worked on two research projects. Emailed regularly with research. Kept active dialogue. Did website review. Emailed back after class ot share views. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [11/7] Continued to research and linked them to readings and class discussions. Related findings to correctional ideologies. Ketp in touch. 3rd rol="B" [12/11] Course grade="B" [12/16]

Student 9358 - Been doing work just not everything. 1st rol="C" [10/1] Did solid work. Journal is on grid form. Did vocabulary list. Been doing research as promised. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [11/1] Did journal as usual. Did a lot of emailing research and dialoguing. Added vocabulary words. 3rd rol="B+" [12/11] Course grade="B" [12/16]

Student 9468 - Four weeks have been tough but have learned 5Cs by being active in and out of class. Asking questions and gettng help. Have become better at developing the 5Cs. 1st rol="A" [10/1] have succeeded past creative measures. Gone on site visit. Researched a vast area of information. Competence level has risen - completing readings and discussion questions. Emailing research topics to professor. All my other Cs are well done. 2nd rol="A" [11/1] Have completed all the 5Cs. Read two books for class. Made a great improvement from start to finish. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [12/13] Course grade="A" [12/13]

Student 9571 - Keeping up with modules and trying to keep up with readings. Have not decided on resarch topic yet. Competence and creativity need improvement. 1st rol="C" [10/14] Really did not keep up with all the 5Cs. Focused on creativity. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/C" [11/1] Tried to keep up with all 5Cs. Attended as many classes as could. Tried to communicate as often as possible. Did debriefing on creative measure. 3rd rol="C+" [12/11] Course grade="C" [12/13]

Student 9959 - Have been consistent with my class attendance. Kept up with journal. Communicates very wellabout many topics through email. Kept up with readings and work from Dear Habermas. Some research about different topics related to corrections. Cooperating with group. Helping other classmates. 1st rol="A" [10/1] Keeps up with assigned readings, journal, questions due. Comes to class regularly. Participates with other groups. 2nd rol="C" [11/8] Consistent with work and willing to help and get help from students. Researched many topics related to class discussions. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [12/11] Course grade="B" [12/20]

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