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CRMJ/SOCA 363 Corrections - Spring 2003
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12 noon, Monday, May 12th -- Deadline to Resolve Course Grade.
All unresolved grades will become "F's"

Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning. Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

The first ROL period is from Week 1 through Week 5 (January 22-February 21). The second ROL period is from Week 6 through Week 10 (February 23-March 28). And, the third and final ROL period is from Week 11 through Week 15 (March 31-May 2).The criteria for grading were the 5Cs -- communication, cooperation, consistency, competency, and creativity in conjunction with your latest grade form that I have on file. Also considered is Bloom and Krathwohl's taxonomy of learning: latent learning, recognition, recall, application, analysis, evaluation and synthesis.

Explanation of my comments:
-- Grade will be posted when grade is agreed upon.
-- Slightly underrated (under by 1 grade)
-- Underrated (under by 2 grades)
-- Slightly overrated (over by 1 grade)
-- Overrated (over by 2 grades)
-- Way overrated (over by 3 grades)
-- Way, way overrated (over by 4 grades)
-- Extremely overrated (over by 5 or more grades)

For example, a student assesses ROL at an "A" and my response is "way overrated" (meaning that my assessment is 3 grades lower than the student's assessment), which would be a grade of "B".

Updated on May 19, 2003

Student 39 - Adjusting to new learning technique. [need to focus rol more on the 5Cs rather than what was learned] 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/23/03] Reading books for creativity but have not completed a book review for credit. Communication has been good but not as well as first 5 weeks. Consistent with work and cooperation in class. 2nd rol="C" [4/3/03] Was much more consistent on communication. Cooperated more in class discussions. Completed creativity measures yet was not as consistent as could have been. 3rd rol="Borderline C/C-" [5/9/03] Course grade="C+" [5/9/03]

Student 130 - no 1st and 2nd grids or grade form. field mouse [4/3/03] Completed 5Cs during rol session. Worked hard to complete the 5Cs by speaking out in class and giving opinions as well as investigating outside of class with book reports and website viewing. [extremely overrated. see me] [5/5/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 695 - Did not talk in class discussions. Participates in group discussions by attending class. Communicates with instructor via email. 1st rol="B" [3/12/03] Was confused at first but was able to catch up with what missed. Emails professor current events and articles. Cooperates in group discussions. Most importantly, did a book review. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-"[4/10/03] Attended site visit. Emailed current events. Went and watched Holes and "Burden of Innocence." 3rd rol="B/B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="B" [5/8/03]

Student 750 - It was hard to understand how class operated. Slowly started to understand with the help of classmates. Attends class every day. Emails instructor at least twice a week. Ventures out on own to find our information dealing with corrections. 1st rol="B-" [3/25/03] Came to class every day. Participated in every group discussions. When needed help asked classmates or professor. Kept professor updated with emails on creative measures. 2nd rol="C" [4/25/03] Have done a great job. Understands the importance of communication with Takata. Keeping up with creative measures. Didn't really need much help with course. 3rd rol="B-" [5/9/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 795 - Helped newcomers become acquainted with teaching style. Speaks up in class on a regular basis. Did research on topic of interest for creative measures. 1st rol="Borderline A-/A" [2/23/03] Creative measures include researching prisoner rights by doing website review with continuous dialogue about it. Read an essay on rehabilitation and dialogued about it. Researched public defenders to continue prisoner rights. Attends class regularly. Speaks up and participates in class discussions and groupwork. 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Have focused on creative measures. Consistently in class, speaking up, participating in lecture commentary to show competence. Have attempted and achieved in all 5Cs. 3rd rol="A" [5/5/03] Course grade="A" [5/9/03]

Student 1130 - Fulfilled a couple of the 5Cs like creativity and competence and a little of the communication but lacked consistency because missed a few classes battling flu. Also lacked in cooperation when in groups. [need to revise grade form, self report measures exceeds limit] 1st rol=-"Borderline B+/B" [2/27/03] During the last few weeks, lacked consistency; fell behind in readings and journal. As far as rest of 5Cs, did fairly okay. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/3/03] Caught up on journal and kept up to date with homework. Did better on the 5Cs than the last time. The only one lacked was consistency because lost a week. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B -" [5/13/03]

Student 1319 - Have completed the 5Cs and done quite a few creative measures. 1st rol="B-" [3/22/03] Have done interesting and creative creative measures. Communication needs improvement. Consistently completing the 5Cs. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/16/03] Learned a lot this semester.Have completed all 5Cs. Can still be better in the communication field. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/12/03] Course grade= "B -" [5/12/03]

Student 1421 - Was prepared for class. Attended class regularly. Have expressed opinion in class. Need to work on communication with instructor. 1st rol="C-" [2/27/03] Did a little better with communication this time. Ran into trouble with the site visit but plan to do it next period. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [4/3/03] Communicated better and more often. Did some creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/5/03] Course grade="C" [5/8/03]

Student 1730 - Bringing in current events dealing with corrections. Displaying cooperation by helping others. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/27/03] Been an active participant in class. Usually one that speaks for group. Tries to add theory, policy, practice to most of the discussions. Did outside work. 2nd rol="C" [4/25/03] Always participates in class discussions and group. Found a few current events related to class. Visited instructor in her office and expressed concerns and questions. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 1828 - [need to submit rol] [2/23/03] Have done two website reviews, an interview, attended all classes. done all the DQs and case scenarios. [way overrated. see me] [4/3/03] Learned a lot in this class and more outside of class discussions. Does not like discussion question days because they take way too long. . . [way, way overrated. see me] [5/5/03] Course grade="?" [5/14/03]

Student 1907 - Keeps up with emails. Participates in class. Keep records of journaling. Does work outside of class. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/23/03] Have done creative measures. Speaks out in class. Keeps up with journal/e-mail. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Very involved with class. Emails. Keeps journal, readings. Speaks up. Consistent. Tells a lot of current events. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/9/03] Course grade="B -" [5/9/03]

Student 2097 - Comes to class, participates and does the work. Have not communicated learning. Read assigned chapters. Did some researching. 1st rol="B-" [2/23/03] Have not communicated learnings but have done all of the work, discussion questions, research on many things. Started working on two projects. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/23/03] Have made tremendous progress in comparison to previous weeks. Dialogued, shared thoughts. Completed all creative measures. Have been consistent with work. Attended all classes but two. Met with Takata. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="B - " [5/9/03]

Student 3124 - 5Cs are well established. Always room for improvement. Creative measure started, good ideas and projects. 1st rol="A" [2/23/03] Many topics researched. Own ideas being relayed. Initiative taken on projects of interest and site visits. Working hard on 5C's. 2nd rol="A". [4/3/03] Works hard and shows great improvement over the course in 5Cs. Focused on subjects directly related. Shared evidence of learning with class in groups, and as a whole. 3rd rol="A" [5/5/03] Course Grade="A" [5/503]

Student 3282 - Has been hard to learn new teaching style. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/27/03] Effort made in following the 5Cs and in attending all classes. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/3/03] Have followed through with the 5Cs. Confident about work at the culmination of the semester. 3rd rol="B" [5/7/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 3558 - Have consistently kept up with journal, answered the discussion questions, kept up on the readings and actively participated in class each day. Have also expressed elements of creativity, cooperation and competence in learning. Have gone that extra step in expanding knowledge on areas interested in. 1st rol="B/B-" [2/28/03] Have consistently come to class everyday. Kept up with journal and discussion questions. Actively participated in group discussions. Communicated thoughts and expressed learning in creative ways. 2nd rol="B+" [4/16/03] Consistently attended class each day. Completed discussion questions. Recorded in journal and actively participated in group discussion. Shown creativity by keeping up with dialogues via email, researching, writing up website reviews, attending RCI site visit and watching documentaries outside of class. 3rd rol="A-" [5/5/03] Course grade="A - " [5/9/03]

Student 3606 - Did all discussions, journal entries. Asks questions and shares knowledge in email. Did two book reviews for creativity. 1st rol="Borderline B/B+" [2/23/03] Read a 500 page book, book review and two task force meeting reviews, discussion questions, journal everyday. Emailed about questions and opinions. 2nd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [4/3/03] Attend class and journal, discussion questions. Email about opinions, questions. Spoke up in class about what group discussed. Did field trip, task force meetings, book review, Holes movie and did reviews for all. 3rd rol="A-" [5/5/03] Course grade="A - " [5/9/03]

Student 4267 - Have done the 5Cs. Emailed almost every week except the week when told to cutdown. Worked in class groups. Spoke up for group. Have done all the class discussion questions. For creative measures, watched movies and reading Abbott. 1st rol="B+" [2/23/03] Have obtained 5Cs in many ways. For creatie, finished reading and reviewing book. Started reading another book. Did discussion questions. Participated willinglly with knowledge when in groups. Spoke up in class for group. Got ahead in the readings during spring break. Finished Holes. 2nd rol="B+" [4/8/03] Have obtained the three Cs by finishing H&A readings, doing a debriefing on RCI, and doing a book review. Kept up with journal, dictionary records, discussion questions and emailing instructor. Helped lead discussion when broken up into groups and speak up for group. Helped fellow classmate keep up with class. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="A-" [5/6/03]

Student 4362 - Have been there. Done the work and reading. Have the discussion questions and some other stuff in journal. Just don't talk in front of class much. Don't need to say things for the sake of saying something. 1st rol="C" [3/5/03] Stayed in contact and managed to get the creative work done. Was in class consistently and participated in groupwork. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/13/03] Actively participating in dialogues with prof. Attending classes and answering discussion and case scenario questions within groups. Most emphasis on creative measures. 3rd rol="C -" [5/9/03] Course grade="C" [5/9/03]

Student 4403 - Started off lost. By now, the only thing not too familiar with is the depth of Dear Habermas and ROLs. 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [2/26/03] Still haven't turned in a creative measure. Falling behind a little. Everything else in class is going well. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/C" [5/7/03] For this period, felt really stepped up efforts. Rol reflects have spent an average of 1.5 hours more per week. Still haven't turned in a creative measure, website review or book review. Falling behind a little. Everything else in class is going well. 3rd rol="B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B-" [5/7/03]

Student 4714 - Was strong in four of the 5Cs. Need to work on creativity more. 1st rol="Borderline B/B-" [3/26/03] Made huge amounts of progress from the last rol. Have fulfilled all of the 5Cs. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/10/03] Showed improved progress and increased creativity. Completed all 5Cs efficiently and thoroughly. 3rd rol="B -" [5/10/03] Course grade="B" [5/10/03]

Student 4767 - Comes to class on a regular basis. Interested in the books chosen. Email about things interesting, questions or if looked up an issue. Always talking in class. 1st rol="Borderline B+/A-" [2/23/03] A regular attender to class. Always there to share ideas and opinions. Always prepared for discussion questions by keeping up with readings. Do further research on topics and email professor about them. Often talk to people outside class about issues that relate to corrections. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/B" [4/3/03] Always comes to class. Keeps up on readings. Always done with discussion questions. Always shares opinions in group and in class. Gone to site visits and looked at issues interested in. Emails reactions to videos and anything else have thoughts on. 3rd rol="A-" [5/5/03] Course grade="A - " [5/9/03]

Student 5198 - At a quality of at least a C-. Kept up ith readings. 1st rol="Borderline C-/D+" [3/14/03] Had discussion right before spring break. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/D+" [4/3/03] Started off a little slow but sped up after our meetings. 3rd rol="B-" [5/5/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

Student 5207- Was slow getting started since this was first semester with this learning style. All things required, kept up with. Participation in all groups consistent as well as class participation. Creative measure met the deadline. 1st rol="B+" [2/26/03] Did not flood emails this time. Was consistent with everything including commenting in class. Worked on more creative measures this time. 2nd rol="B/B+" [4/3/03] Consistently came prepared for class. Participated in group as well as class discussions. Did book review and site visit. Overall, maintained consistency. 3rd rol="A-" [5/7/03] Course grade="A-" [5/7/03]

Student 5474 - Active in participation in class. Keep up on readings. Also, better command of Dear Habermas. Creative measures could be improved upon.1st rol="B" [5/9/03] Kept up with assigned reading and class handouts. Also took it upon self to engage in reading and watching material outside of what is assigned. Participated in all group activities. Did creative measures but need to work on communicating those better with professor. Did some research on death penalty. 2nd rol="B" [4/3/03] Communicated during all possible opportunities in and out of class. Significantly improved on creative measures. Kept up competence by relating class questions and personal questions in journal. Attended all class periods except when out of town. 3rd rol="B" [5/9/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 6161 - no 1st grid form. field mouse. [2/23/03] no 2nd grid form. field mouse. [4/3/03] no 3rd grid form. field mouse. [5/5/03] Course grade="F" [5/12/03]

Student 6253 - Grade must be earned jointly with instructor and fellow students. [rol should address 5Cs more specifically] 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [2/23/03] Progressed with input on questions asked in class. Current events presented weekly. Research on topics that professor asked class. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/A -" [5/9/03] The process of learning has been a pleasure. Corrections have opened a new channel of thinking. This past rol have come out and enlightened self and class members through class presentations and finding answers for discussion questions and asked by instructor to find out. 3rd rol="Borderline A/A-" [5/5/03] Course grade="A -" [5/9/03]

Student 6502 - Have consistently come to class prepared and ready for discussions as well as taking outside time to prepare. 1st rol="B" [3/5/03] Did several creative measures that required outside work as well as be ablet ot directly relate to class. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/B" [4/3/03] Although didn't have a chance to dialogue with professor, have done a lot ot time-consuming creative measures. Took off work to go to a site visit. Kept up with all discussion questions. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/11/03] Course grade="B" [5/11/03]

Student 6512 - Accumulated a vast amount of information and new perspectives on things. Missed a few classes which would make consistency and cooperation lag a little. Good start on some creative measures. Communicated well in class and outside of classroom. 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [3/28/03] Have completed the 5Cs by communicating with professor a few times and with other students and cooperating in class. Have been consistent with completeing discussion questions and readings; also competence in those areas. Gathered a lot of information for creative measures. Need to improve much more on communication of learning. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/3/03] Improved communication of learning by keeping an email dialogue mcuh more consistent. Cooperated in group discussions. Discussed other isses concerning the class with other students. Shared observations about site visit to RCI. Have consistently kept up with discussion questions. Finished up creative measures. Shown improvements. 3rd rol="B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B-" [5/7/03]

Student 6628 - Have participated actively. Spoken aloud. Continuously emailed. Read all the necessary chapters and does the questions. 1st rol="B+" [2/28/03] Have done all of the assigned readings. Participated actively. Attended every class. Done the creative measures. Maintained a constant dialoguing with professor. 2nd rol="Borderline B+/B" [4/3/03] Have done four creative measures (critiqued with instructor on all of them). Emailed instructor. Participated actively in both class/group discussions. Attended every class. Done all of the discussion questions. Read all of the assigned material. Contributed to the Dear Habermas site. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/6/03] Course grade="A - " [5/9/03]

Student 6810 - Have fulfilled the 5Cs by engaging in grou discussions, sharing knowledge in emails and class. Gone the extra mile in creativity. 1st rol="A" [2/28/03] Accomplished the 5Cs by keeping in touch through e-mail and personal contact, by participating in groupwork. Speaking up in class. Going the extra mile in creative measures, and being consistent in these. 2nd rol="A" [4/3/03] Fulfilled the 5Cs by participating in group discussions (cooperation), keeping in touch by personal contact and email (communication), shown what knows by speaking up in class (competency), gone the extra mile through creative measure and been consistent in these. 3rd rol="A" [5/5/03] Course grade="A" [5/503]

Student 6997 - Did much better than the last semester. [vague rol. re-do] 1st rol=B-/B [4/4/03] Lacked on communication with teach. Everything else is ok. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [4/3/03] Communicates regulalry in class and has picked up communication with teacher. Researched HV prisoner and did interview. Participated without a problem. Kept journaling. Did almost every discussion question. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/5/03] Course grade="B-" [5/7/03]

Student 7438 - Putting in time but still could do more. 1st rol="B" [2/23/03] Have worked harder on completing more creative measures and spent more time discussing issues from class outside of class. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B-" [4/3/03] Came to class prepared and ready to discuss questions. Did work outside of class on topics of interest. Didn't always speak up in class but didn't feel comfortable doing so. 3rd rol="Borderline B/B-" [5/5/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 7556 - This way of learning is kind of difficult but learning how. Grid form may not be all filled out but learning how to do it and getting better. Need to get email straightened out. 1st rol="Borderline C+/B-" [2/23/03] Just need to e-mail more and speak up in class more. Does enjoy the rol. It's easier to keep track of what to do. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/C" [5/12/03] Worked really hard on it and put in a lot of effort. Wrote twice as much in journal. Didn't email as often. Did better than before. 3rd rol="C-" [5/12/03] Course grade="C" [5/12/03]

Student 7755 - Still a little confused about the class; maybe just the ROL. Does reading, discussion questions in groups, writes in journal. 1st rol="B" [2/23/03] Getting the readings and discussion questions done. Writing in journal. Done well on the 5C's. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/3/03] Stepped up on creative measures, communication and mainly, cooperation. 3rd rol="B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 7854 - Accomplished the 5Cs fairly well. Attended all but one class. Showed learning through email and discussion. Was consistent in all areas of learning. Was active in class discussions. Decided on a research topic. 1st rol="B" [2/23/03] Prior to trip and after spring break, did some good things. Accomplished the 5Cs pretty well. Come prepared to class discussions. Email any thoughts and responses. Continue to work on creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline C/C-" [4/3/03] Felt was most productive of the three. Accomplished the 5Cs very well. Didn't miss a class session. Was always present to contribute to class discussion. Emailed learning and creative measures constantly. Went to RYOC, wrote debriefing and engaged in active dialogue through email. 3rd rol="Borderline B+/B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B -" [5/12/03]

Student 8099 - This is a totally new learning experience and is not yet comfortable with it but has tried best. 1st rol="B+" [2/26/03] Kept up with readings and discussion questions. Did creative measures and communicated. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Attended class regularly. Participated in discussions. Researched various toiopics. Did extensive critique on the differences between Holes the book and the movie. 3rd rol="B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B+" [5/9/03]

Student 8133 - Communicate, through email and speaking out. Cooperation, by attending class, taking notes, participation and visit habermas. Competency by assisting others and speaking out. Creativity by attending John Artis event and sharing thought. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/23/03] Communicate learning through e-mails, class and group discussions. Cooperate by attending class, participating. Consistently attending class, take notes, participate in class, video and discussion questions. Competency through speaking out and applying class work to discussions. Creativity by sharing current events and working to complete an interview. 2nd rol="Borderline C+/B-" [4/3/03] Communicates class discussions, email and debriefings. Cooperation - attend class, participate and work on creative measures. Competence - dialogue, discussin using theory, policy, and practice. Creative - through site visits, website visits and interview. 3rd rol="B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="B" [5/5/03]

Student 8159 - Helped others in class with questions. Completed assigned readings and questions. Now set to begin creative measures. Participated in all group activities. 1st rol="Borderline B-/B" [2/23/03] Have improved since the 1st rol and have kept up to date on current events and how to relate them to what is being studied in class. Discussed with people in class aobut creative measures and ideas for different topics to research. 2nd rol="B -" [5/9/03] Have improved on creative measures and on communication with professor. Researched topics on Internet. Emailed ideas and opinions. Attended Ellsworth site visit, and compared it to RCI. 3rd rol="B-/B" [5/9/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 8174 - Read book, Life Without Parole. Did all discussion questions. Shared knowledge with group in class and friends outside of school. Emailed reactions and spoke in class. Studied for exam. 1st rol="B" [3/5/03] Spent a lot of time on one web site. Would like to show professor website review, debriefings next week. 2nd rol="B-" [5/2/03] Completed all discussion questionis and attended class discussions. Actively wrote thoughts and notes in journal. Went to RCI, did debriefing. Researched topics. Consistent with email. Handed in active dialoguing. Did definitions. Spoke up in class or after. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/B" [5/8/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 8447 - Did not get too into research. [should focus on all 5Cs in rol] 1st rol="B" [2/23/03] Does journal entries. Attended task force meetings. Researching African-American males and boot camps. Emails quite often. 2nd rol="Borderline B/B+" [4/3/03] Attends class, jail task force meeting. Research on African American males. Journal entries. Kept up on readings. Did discussion questions and participates, too. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/8/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 8683 - Attends class regularly. Stays current with readings. Constantly emails instructor. Always searching for great web sites/book reviews. Currently finishing up website review. 1st rol="B+" [2/23/03] Attends class regularly. Integrates the 5Cs constantly. Does discussion questions. Shares articles with class. Visits professor during office hours. Emails professor. Completed a website review as well as an interview since the last rol. 2nd rol="B-" [4/14/03] Have dialogued signficantly more with professor for this rol as well as met with professor. Participated in class. Fulfilled creative measures. Kept up with journal, readings and communication. 3rd rol="B -" [5/8/03] Course grade="B" [5/8/03]

Student 8708 - Done all the discussion questions. Kept up with communication, journal, and readings. Actively researching sex offender rehabilitation. Consistently dialogued findings. 1st rol="Borderline B+/B" [2/27/03] Kept up with communication and creative measures. Actively participated in class. Did all discussion questions. Have been consistent in all areas for this rol. 2nd rol="B" [4/8/03] Adequately covered the 5Cs. Did discussion questions. Attended all classes. Kept up with communication and researched boot camps plus did extensive analysis of Holes movie. 3rd rol="B" [5/5/03] Course grade="B+" [5/8/03]

Student 8763 - Went beyond class time to research correctional system. Attended a forum, found stats and thought of questions for an inteview. 1st rol="A-" [2/26/03] Did many creative measures outside of class. Conducted two interviews and two debriefings with them. Read many articles and showed competence. 2nd rol="B"[4/10/03] Did many creative measures outside of class. 3rd rol="B" [5/12/03] Course grade="B+" [5/12/03]

Student 8765 - Have done the work for class and fulfilled the five Cs. Have also begun working on creative measures. Maintained communication with instructor. 1st rol="Borderline A-/B+" [2/27/03] Have been working on creative measures, speaking up in class and successfully filling in the 5Cs. 2nd rol="B+" [4/3/03] Kept up with the 5Cs. Have done the necessary work for creative measures. Have actively dialogued with instructor. 3rd rol="Borderline A-/B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="A-" [5/7/03]

Student 9327 - Did not communicate learning enough for the first rol period. Still getting used to style of teaching. Keeps up with readings. Does discussion questions. Participates in class discussions. Have to communicate learning more. 1st rol="C" [2/24/03] Really didn't follow through on creative measures. Should be graded on discussion questions and class participation. 2nd rol="Borderline C-/C" [4/3/03] Need lots of work on communicating learning. Didn't want to overrate self, because didn't email learning a lot. Should be graded on note taking, discussion questioins and class participation. 3rd rol="C-" [5/5/03] Course grade="C"

Student 9358 - Participated in class discussions. Read assigned readings. Attended speeches and talke to others outside of class. 1st rol="B" [2/28/03] Have done everything. Didn't do many creative measures, but have done everything else. Communication, cooperation consistency, and competence are super. 2nd rol="B-" [4/23/03] By far, my best form of the year. Done a lot of hard work. 3rd rol="B" [5/9/03] Course grade="B" [5/9/03]

Student 9468 - Shows up to classes. Talking in class. Visiting Dear Habermas. Working with others. Emailing the teacher, and doing creative measures. Does all homework. 1st rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Have done the 5Cs. Showed up to class and showed knowledge. Did homework. Read. Did creative measures. 2nd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Done the 5Cs. Shared a lot of information with others. Looking for different types of creative measures. 3rd rol="Borderline B-/C+" [5/7/03] Course grade="B-" [5/7/03]

Student 9959 - Consistently learning something more than other classes. Consistent with 5Cs. Could have done a bit more with creative measures. 1st rol="B" [2/27/03] Worked pretty consistenly on the five Cs. The only thing really lacked on was communication (e-mailing). 2nd rol="Borderline B-/B" [4/3/03] Was consistent with 5Cs. Did discussion questions. Worked continuously on creative measures up until the end. 3rd rol="B+" [5/5/03] Course grade="B" [5/19/03]

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