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Criminology Class Lecture Summaries, Fall 1999

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: November 12, 1999
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Criminology Lecture Notes

August 31, 1999: Introduction: Habermas, Critical Theory, Exclusion, and Crime
September 2, 1999: Defining Crime, Legal Truth, and Jurisdiction
September 7, 1999: Theory to Policy to Practice and Back
September 10, 1999: Definitions of Crime
September 7, 1999: Piaget to Goffman to Hall to Bales on Communicating Learning
September 13, 1999: Notes on Crime and Criminal Law
September 16, 1999: Measuring Crime: How Much Crime Is There?
September 26, 1999. Adler, Introduction
September 26, 1999. Adler: Rational-Choice Theory and Violence
September 26, 1999. Adler: Biological Theories and Fear Not yet up.
September 28, 1999. Edward T. Hall: Affect and Learning
October 30, 1999. Covaleskie's Concept of Disciplinary Power
November 5, 1999. Auto-Poietic Learning Systems and Criminology
November 1, 1999. "The Fight to Fit In"
November 6, 1999: Quinney's Definition of the Modern Welfare State
November 12, 1999: Quinney's Social Reality of Crime