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Reports of Learning, CRMJ/SOCA 233, Criminology - Fall 2001

Evidence of Learning
Interactive Discourse

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: December 17, 2001
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Reports by Number Assigned

These short statements of our joint perceptions of your learning are growing from our review of the records and our experiences in class. In a cooperative learning world, in which our objective is to help each other gain critical insights, what should matter, instead of "grades" is such a report. Learning that I can tell you I have seen, either directly or through some of your work, and that you can confirm. That is learning accountability.

As we gain skill at this, a paragraph of recommendation should be your goal for the end of each course, each semester. If you were to realize that this is how I will end the course, and you were to want the best possible recommendation of your learning, we could interactively check our respective records all semester, and the recommendations could be detailed and helpful to all who want to know about your learning.

Visit Letters of Recommendation for clues on how to do this.

Updated on December 17, 2001

Student 691 - Really been slacking off with the emailing. Attends class on a regular basis, though. Does the assignments. [no face to name] 1st rol = "B-" [10/30] Comes to class regularly. Does all of the readings. Emails instructor more. Looking up information regarding insanity. 2nd rol="B" [12/10] Regularly comes to class. Did the assigned readings. Communicated by email and did research on mental insanity. For competence, took the final exam. [3rd rol overrated; factor in final exam grade into 3rd rol period] Course grade="B-" [12/17]

Student 763 - Field mouse [10/28] No 2nd rol submitted. Still a field mouse. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/12]

Student 835 - Communicated well through email. Consistency is up to par. Competence is about 3/4 there. Cooperated well in and outside of class. Started creativity slowly. 1st rol="A-"[10/30] Creativity is stronger. Communicates a lot more. 2nd rol="A-" [11/17] Creativity remained consistent and strong. Communication and competence exists more than first 4 weeks. 3rd rol=A-" Course grade="A-" [12/12]

Student 918 - Have continuously attended class and participated in class discussions as well as group discussions. Regularly participate in pass/prepared exercises. Consistently participated in the academic discourse on the Dear Habermas site. Started to research hate crimes. 1st rol ="A"[10/30] Consistently attended class and took notes. Showed competence by communicating and participating in class discussions. Presented cooperation by emailing instructor pass/prepareds. Continuously participating in the academic discourse. Continued to research hate crimes which shows creativity. 2nd rol="A-"[11/26] Consistently emailed professor pass/prepared. Communicated in class discussions and through email. Participated in exercises and group discussions. Continued to research hate crimes. 3rd rol="B-". Course grade="A-" [12/12]

Student 1045 - Kept a detailed journal which allowed for grid form to be so complete. Spoke out in class. Always attends class prepared. Emails are consistent. Researching death penalty and DARE program. 1st rol="A" [10/28] Grid reflects the 5Cs and has shown learning in and outside of class. Kept a journal Worked on DARE program and Ellsworth debriefing. 2nd rol="A-/borderline A" [11/19] Actively participated in class discussion and emails. Prepared for every assignment. Spoke out to show learning. Creativity included death penalty research (viewed documentary in corrections class); attended Ellsworth panel in corrections class; debriefing on Ellsworth site visit; researched DARE program. 3rd rol="A" Course grade ="A" [12/12]

Student 1085 - In class every day and answered all pass/prepareds. Had reaction to September 11th on the Dear Habermas site along with Alfie Kohn reaction. Worked consistently with group outside of class. Communicated by daily entries in journal and in class. 1st rol="B+" [11/1] 5Cs are complete on grid form. Did research on birth order. Attended the Kenosha Detention Center. 2nd rol="A-" [11/27] Communicated with group outside of class on a regular basis. Showed up for class. Cooperated in group discussions. Showed competency speaking out in class. Was creative by doing debriefing, and researched juvenile delinquency. Attended Ellsworth panel. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade ="B+" [12/14]

Student 1166 - Progressed well with 5Cs. Not a field mouse. Follow class instructions. Communicate learning through email. [no face to name] 1st rol="B+". [10/28] Continues doing the some of the same things for weeks 6-10, and have also done a little more. Have slacked only in a little,but believes that creative measures will even out. 2nd rol="B-" [12/5] Made an improvment. Improved creative measures. Attending class on a regular basis. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 1950 - Late rol. Need to improve participation skills in class and communication of learning. However, met with group consistently to discuss readings and class. Prepared for all self tests except one. Beginning creative scholarship. 1st rol="B" [11/5] Earned grade, due to lack of participation and communication of learning. However met with group each week. Consistently prepared for class. 2nd rol ="C+" [11/17] Improved on communication. Completed creative scholarship (i.e., debriefing of KDC). Prepared consistently and met with group. [3rd rol slightly underrated- unresolved as of 12/17] Course grade="B" [12/12]

Student 2181 In class all the time. Participate in class. Do all the readings. 1st rol="B" [11/30] Have been at class every day and have done all the work. 2nd rol="B" [11/30] Always in class. Done the work. Been prepared. Dialogue on the death penalty. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 2182 - Progress report sheet reflects a B. [no face to name; rol should be more detailed; failed to mention creative measures] 1st rol="B" [10/28] Didn't do as much work this 5 weeks as the last five weeks, although comes to class regularly and does assigned work. 2nd rol= "B-" [11/17] Did more work than for the last grade. Did more creative measures. 3rd rol=B" Course grade="B" [12/12]

Student 2726 - Late rol. Have fulfilled most of the 5Cs. Consistent in coming to class. Cooperate in class discussions. Need to improve on competency and creativity. 1st rol="B-" [late grid form] [12/10] Showed competence through my studying of assigned readings and out of class research. Communication through class discussions. Cooperation through group participation. Creativity through out of class research. [2nd rol late and lengthy] 2nd rol="C+" [12/14] 3rd rol a repeat of 2nd rol verbatim. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="C+" [12/14]

Student 2830 - Only been absent one class. Perfromed all readings. Done all but one pass/prepared. Taken class notes as well as looked up words from readings. Participated in class discussion occasionally. 1st rol="B" [10/28] Still lacking in both creativity and cooperation, however have performed most everything assigned. Missed only one class meeting. Participated in more often than before. 2nd rol="B-" [12/8] Improved in areas of competence and communication by having email discussions with professor. Continued to be very consistent in class by attending class sessions and doing readings. However, creativity still lacks. 3rd rol+"B" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 3069 - From the participation, group discussion, latent learning, pass/prepareds, countless emails and coopereation in class keeping up with the readings and only missing one class. 1st rol="B" [10/28] From participation and 5Cs, doing well. Getting a better grasp of hte class. [vague rol] 2nd rol="A-" [11/22] 3rd grid form submitted but no 3rd rol noted. Grade was emailed with some discussion]. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 3371 - Field mouse. [10/28] Still a field mouse. No 2nd rol submitted. [11/17] No 3rd rol submitted. Course grade="F" [12/12]

Student 3740 - Missed some classes. Having a hard time displaying my creativity. Late 1st rol submitted. 1st rol="C-" Consistent with journal entries. Production of website has improved creativity. Good contributions to class discussions. Failed to explain absences. 2nd rol="D+" [11/28] Worked well in groups. Participated in class discussions. Communicated situations and questions via email. Family ordeals limited creativitiy. Consistent with note taking and discussions.3rd rol="C-" Course grade="C-" [12/14]

Student 3800 - Strengths are in notebook/journal. Consistent in going to class every day, except for two. Greatest weakness because shy, tends to stay quiet. 1st rol="C+" [11/12] Making a comeback. Went on two field trips. Spoke up in class twidce. Consistent in attendance. Meeting with another student after class. 2nd rol="B"[12/3] Creativity has greatly improved from first and second rol. Doing more dictionary entries, debriefing, and asking questions. Communicates via email and self-tests. Cooperation in group discussions. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13a]

Student 3982 - Done all assigned readings. Show up consistently to class. Only missed two pass/prepareds. Works with classmate. Missing creativity. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Done everything the same as the first 5 weeks but added creativity. 5Cs definitely become stronger. 2nd rol="B" [11/27] Done as much these four weeks than throughout the semester. Keept up with 5Cs. Did a good job overall. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/13]

Student 4832 - Although didn't know what to do the first two weeks, made a comeback in the following three weeks. 1st rol="B" [10/30] Getting much better at speaking up in groups and class discussions. Getting stronger in all 5C areas. 2nd rol =B-" [11/18] Rightfully earned B+. Lacked consistency in last weeks but worked hard overall. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13a]

Student 4890 - Communicates and cooperates. Competent, consistent and sometimes creative. Did pass prepareds. Too shy to speak in front of class. 1st rol= "B-" [11/1] Attends class regularly. Went on field trip. Started to speak up in class. Face to name. 2nd rol="B" [12/7] Competent, consistent and communicates with professor and classmates. Creative -- attended field trip and terrorism panel; sat in on Ellsworth panel discussion; interviewed police officer. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B"[12/17]

Student 5147 - Attended every class. Speaks in class often, especially for group exercises. Working on creative measures -- death penalty and race, learning theory. Was prepared for every pass/prepared exercise. Emails professor several times each week. 1st rol= "B+" [10/30] Attended all classes. Joined gorups of new people. Answered questions in class. Worked on serial killer research. Emailed professor often. Prepared for all self-tests. Created a survey and began distribution. Attended RCI field trip. 2nd rol ="A" [11/19] Prepared for all self-tests. Asked questions in class. Spoke often for group and own opinion. Emailed professor often. Worked on serial killer and death penalty research along with criminal justice survey. 3rd rol="A". Course grade="A." [12/8]

Student 5384 - Participated on a daily basis and go to class regularly. Started creative scholarship on juvenile delinquency. Got off to a slow start. Am on right track. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [11/21] Have gotten a better understanding of the many theories. Have begun to speak out more in class and in groups. Lacked communication and consistency. 2nd rol="C" [11/30] Worked on various creative scholarships. Emailed professor. Attended class regularly. Participated in many different groups. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 5401 - Communicated well with professor. Need improvement on creativity and consistency. Does the assignments and always gives input in group discussions. [did not take midterm as indicated on grade form] 1st rol="C+" [10/28] Worked harder. Prepared for all self-tests [but not reflected on grade form]. Talking more in class. [midterm exam indicated on grade form but did not take exam] 2nd rol = "B-" [11/17] Talked more in class than in recent rols. Communicated with professor more. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B" [12/12]

Student 5417 - Communicated face to face. Cooperated in class. Creative scholarship. Consistently prepared for all pass/prepareds. Shared many times during class discussions. [missing one self test] 1st rol="B+" [10/28] Communicates face-to-face and in class. Consistently prepared. Competence in class discussions, and creative scholarship. Cooperates in class. All prepareds. 2nd rol = "B+" [11/17] Consistently comes to class. Shows competence in class. Communicates in class. Lacking creativity. Cooperates in class. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B+" [12/12]

Student 5958 - Meet the criteria of the grade form and tries hardest. Does what needs to be done. [vague rol] 1st rol="B+" [10/28] Went on 4 field trips, ride along. Attend class. Always prepared. Speaks a little in class. Emails instructor. 2nd rol ="A-" [11/19] Attends class. Email is consistent. Always prepared. Research on serial killers. Participates in groups in class. 3rd rol="A-" [12/8] Course grade="A-" [12/12]

Student 6052 - Feels this way because needs some work in some areas still. [vague rol]. 1st rol="B" [10/28] Still lacking in creativity. [vague 2nd rol] 2nd rol="C+" [11/18] Still could use some creativity. [vague rol] 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13a]

Student 6513 - Have covered 5Cs in one way or another. Could do better however. 1st rol ="B" [11/14] Missed days due to illness but participates in class. Keeps in touch. Grid sheet shows what competence and creativity is. 2nd rol"C-" [11/28] Came to class. Did pass/prepareds. Participated in class discussions. Did creative measures. Cooperated in class. 3rd rol=B-" Course grade="B-" [12/12]

Student 6544 - Stay in contact with professor. Prepared for all exercises but one. Did adequate job on 5Cs. Needs to report learning better. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [10/28] Consistent improvement from 1st rol. Did a good job with 5Cs. Stayed in contact with instructor. 2nd rol="B" [11/18] Consistent in prepareds. Good with communiation. Needed to be more creative, though did improve. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/12]

Student 6843 - Consistent with work inside and outside of class. Use the 5Cs very well. [no face to name] 1st rol= "B" [10/30] Improved on talking out in class and with creative learning. Shows consistency well in class. 2nd rol="B" [11/26] Very conssitent with the 5Cs. Improved on talking out in class. Was very consistent iwth assigned readings and exercises. 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B+" [12/13]

Student 6907 - Done a lot of hard work with creative scholarship, weekly readings, pass/prepareds, and attending class regularly. However, have not done a good job on responding to emails. [no face to name; learning not communicated; self-tests not included in grade form; slightly over-rated] [10/28] no 2nd rol submitted [11/17] no 3rd and final rols submitted. Course grade ="F" [12/12]

Student 7313 - Done the readings. Some self-tests. Been to every class. Emailed teacher occasionally. Did creativity except for first week. [grade form does not add up; no face to name] 1st rol ="B-" [11/8] Doing better these last 5 weeks. Communicating more by email. Done all but one self-test. Working on creative scholarship. 2nd rol = "B" [11/17] Communicated more with teacher. Attended class regularly. Worked well in groups. Worked on creative scholarship on gangs. 3rd rol="B+" [12/8] Course grade="B" [12/8]

Student 7318 - With group discussions and the amount of participation in group meetings, midterm grade should be based. [late rol] 1st rol="C-" [11/30] Have earned C+ for this course. [late 2nd rol; rol too vague to post; more blanks than prepareds noted; only one creative measure for 5 weeks; way overrated] [12/5] [vague, late 2nd rol] 2nd rol="C-" [3rd rol too vague to post; grade form does not add up to 100%] 3rd rol="C" Course grade="C" [12/14]

Student 7402 - Participates in groups, but not as a whole. Does more than average. 1st rol="B-" [11/4] Writes everything in journal. Does the readings. Discusses in groups. Comes to class everyday. 2nd rol="C+" [12/5] Always in class unless notified. Always emails teacher and ask questions. Have been doing project outside of class. 3rd rol="C+" Course grade="C+" [12/14]

Student 7576 - Work well with groups. Doing good research on juveniles and the death penalty. Done well with 5Cs so far. 1st rol= "B+" [10/28] Doing well with all 5Cs. Always in class. Keeps up with emails and research on juveniles. 2nd rol="B" [11/20] Did well with all 5cs. In class, keeping journal and doing good groupwork. Research on track. 3rd rol="B". Course grade="B" [12/8]

Student 7751 - Could participate in class more and also email more. [no face to name] 1st rol="B-" [10/28] 2nd rol not submitted [11/17] no 3rd and final rols submitted Course grade="F" [12/12]

Student 8359 - Have competence, consistency and cooperation. Still need to wrok on creativity and cooperation. 1st rol = "C+" [11/13] Still lacking creativity but other four Cs look well established. Improved in many areas since the first five weeks. 2nd rol="C+" [11/19] Covered all 5Cs in these past four weeks. Covered everything on my grade form [vague rol]. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B-" [12/14]

Student 8413 - Late start on creative measures. Didn't do well on midterm but have been consistent in other areas. [no face to name] 1st rol="C+" [10/28] Improving in all or most of hte 5Cs. Speaking out more and working more avidly on creative measures. Still room for improvement though. 2nd rol="C+" [11/29] Did decently on final. Kept up on creative measures. Consistent in all 5Cs. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/12]

Student 8527 - Always comes to class prepared. Communicates well. Student adds valuable information into group and class discussions on a regular basis. [completed all but one self-test; failed to mention creativity] 1st rol="A-" [10/28] Late 2nd rol submitted. Brings valuable insight and knowledge to all group and class discussions. Student attended all but one class and is always prepared. Brings insight and knowledge to group and class discussions. Attended all but one class and is always prepared. 2nd rol="B-" [12/7] Brings a lot to calss and even more to group with consistent input, consensus with group and challenging viewpoints. 3rd rol="B" Course grade="B" [12/13]

Student 8941 - Consistently attends class. Keeps a journal of class and outside work. Participates in class discussions. Contributes to groupwork. Not always ready for self-tests. 1st rol="B-"[11/1] 2nd rol="B". [12/3]Last four weeks have dropped because lacked communication of learning through email, although remains consistent in journal, participation and attendance. Showed creativity through research on community policing and women & death row. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade =B-" [12/12]

Student 9004 - Continuously communicated pass/prepareds. Cooperated with fellow students. Consistent in emailing, coming to class, asking questions, and speaking out. Competence shown in class discussions and midterm exam. Creativity was shown in attending terrorist panel and ridealong is planned. 1st rol ="A". [10/28] Consistenly fulfilled the 5Cs. Applied theories learned in class to movies, examples, and TPP issues. Competence shown byspeaking in class and midterm exam. For creativity, police ridealong, RCI field trip and a current event. 2nd rol = "A". [11/17] Consistently shown cooperation. Competence by midterm and final exams. Creativity from two field experiences. Assimilated knowledge on theories into policy and practice. 3rd rol="A". Course grade="A" [12/12]

Student 9130 - Gone all of the self tests. Email professor regularly. Missed two classes. Researching death penalty and international terrorism. Speak often within groups and share with class. [no face to name] 1st rol="B" [10/28] Communicated by email. Cooperating by doing all self-tests For creativity, anthrax scare, capital punishment, Head Start, Big Brothers/Big Sisters. [all self-tests done but two] 2nd rol="B" [11/20] Speaks in class. Works well in groups. comes to class. Emails prepared. Creative measures are Big Brother/Big Sister, Head Start, self prophecy, chain gangs, death penalty, and so forth. [rol lengthy] 3rd rol="B+" Course grade="B" [12/14]

Student 9175 - Consistently in class and ready for pass/prepareds. Cooperate in group discussions and in academic discourse on Dear Habermas site. Communicate in class discussions and in small study group outside of class. Doing additional research outside of class. [no face to name] 1st rol="B+" [11/1] Up until this point, demonstrated all five Cs very well. Communicates learning by being prepared for every class. Participates in class and group discussions. Creativity has shown additional research outside of class; having views posted on Dear Habermas site; attending field trip to Kenosha Detention Center. 2nd rol="A-" [11/17] Showed communication by speaking out on an almost daily basis in class and in small groups. Being prepared. Cooperate in all group discussions. Spoke to class about RCI field trip and Ellsworth visitors to Corrections class. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="A-" [12/12]

Student 9712 - Communicates via email to profesor frequently. Takes part in links forwarded from professor. Consistently prepared for all assignments. Attends class regularly. Name to face. Cooperates well with others. Creativity - preparing to work on project with fellow classmates. Helped classmates. [one blank exercise] 1st rol="B+" [10/28] Has boosted self highly. Name to face. Emails instructor. 2nd rol="B" [11/20] Covered course in responsible way. By listing whereabouts. Pass/prepared covered. Conducting outside research. Sharing silence via email. 3rd rol="A-" Course grade="B+" [12/14]

Student 9955 - Participates in groups. Communicates whereabouts. Participates in class discussions. Listens and take notes attentively. Needs to communicate learning more to professor more consistently. 1st rol="B-" [11/1] Kept detailed journal, dictionary record. Communicated learning more. Speaking out in class more. Communicated whereabouts. Sharing knowledge with class. Need to work more on interactive projects. 2nd rol="B-"[11/26] Shared learning through groups and class discussions, detailed journal and notes. Did all right on final exam. Communicated reactions to certain readings. 3rd rol="B-" Course grade="B-" [12/12]