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Criminology Class, Fall 1999

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Role of Ecology in Criminology
Thread initiated by Nita Metz, September 2, 1999
The World
Poem by Nita Metz, September 2, 1999

Role of Ecology in Criminology

Thread initiated by Juanita Metz, September 1, 1999.

Nita: "I am curious to hear more about how "we" are destroying Mother Earth and Her atmosphere. I am not clear about the connection of the effects of perfume to humans and that being a result of the damage to Mother Earth. Can you explain?"

Jeanne: "Yes, I think I can explain. The problems lie with increasing toxicity in our atmosphere. With so many toxins breathed in, people's immune systems are not responding as strongly as they once did, and people are increasingly ill from allergic responses to the toxins, especially children. Fragrances are simply one more set of chemicals we are adding to the air we breathe, and some immune systems can't handle these additional chemicals. There is apparently sufficiently widespread occurrence of this problem in Canada that there has been some legal response to the pollution of the atmosphere with fragrances, and it has been outlawed. Does that help?"