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Response to Covaleskie Lecture:
Disciplinary Power and Control of Learning

Tamela's Insightful Statement on Postmodern Learning
"School Daze"
Tamela Kinstle's Poem on Learning
jeanne's Summary Lecture on Disciplinary Power
Power Goes to School: Teachers, Students, and Discipline
by John F. Covaleskie, Northern Michigan University

Response to Covaleskie Lecture:
Disciplinary Power and Control of Learning

Thread initiated by Tamela Kinstle, CSUDH, Fall 1999
Copyright: October 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.
Curran and Takata, Part of Teaching Series
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On October 28, Tamela Kinstle wrote:

Today in class I really could relate to your lecture about disciplinary power and institutional racism. Ever since the beginning of the semester I felt uncertain and filled with anxiety.I could not adjust to my instructor's different teaching styles... including yours. I kept asking myself what does she want from me? What does she expect? How can I earn an "A" if their are no tests and essays to write and answer? Well the light bulb FINALLY came on during your lecture...especially when you stated "What has the educational system done to you?" " Where is your initiative?" "Be creative!" So this is my first attempt to break out and confront the "cost of change" .... Tamela Kinstle

School Daze

by Tamela Kinstle
Copyright: October 1999.

What did you teach me you ask?
                  You taught me:
                    to sit when I wanted to stand
                    to be quiet when I wanted to be heard
                    not to question when I asked "why"
                    to follow when I wanted to lead
                    never to break rules even when I challenged their purpose
                    to feel only what you felt
                    to think only what you thought                

What did I learn you ask?
                   I learned what you wanted me to learn
                       To see only what you wanted me to see
                        To BE only what you wanted me to be