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Response to Not Listening in Good Faith: Non-Learning Subsystems
Initiated by Samuel Mark
jeanne's Summary Lecture on Not Listening in Good Faith: Non-Learning Subsystems

Response to Not Listening in Good Faith: Non-Learning Subsystems

Thread initiated by Samuel Mark, CSUDH, Fall 1999
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Curran and Takata, Part of Teaching Series
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On November 6, Sam wrote:

In class you mentioned that marijuana was a crime that continues to occur over and over again even though people are arrested, they continue to violate this law. I mentioned in class that prohibition was similar to the marijuana laws. But it seems as though the will of the people persisted and alcohol was legalized. Do you think this will occur with the marijuana laws? As you know, California voters voted for its legalization for medicalpurposes a few years back, and that law is still up in the air.

On November 6, jeanne wrote:

Yes, I think that may eventually occur. This is precisely what Quinney means when he says that justice is interdependent with crime, and that the criminal justice system supports the present social order. What we define as crime causes our system to react in very specific ways, and the fact that our system is often a non-learning auto-poietic system means that we do not heed the validity claims of those for whom the rules don't work. jeanne