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Abstract for Submission to ACJS 2000 Meetings

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Latest update: September 28, 1999
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Critical Discourse in Criminology
A Lifetime of Major Issues

by Susan R. Takata
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
and Jeanne Curran
California State University, Dominguez Hills
September 28, 1999

Criminology, like health care, faces major issues of educating the public to choices in the coming decade. This paper addresses the interpretation of a broad range of theories and policies within the context of the major decisions the field will continue to debate. The University of Wisconsin, Parkside, and California State University, Dominguez Hills, thousands of miles apart, have created a web site, Dear Habermas, which they use to team teach courses in criminology. Through the virtual academic community this has created, students cross-country participate in threaded discussions, learning skills of public discourse, and adding their own "texts" to formal academic publications. This new approach to "intertextuality" serves to give some depth of meaning to interactive class discussions, introduces students to the rigors of publishing and peer review, and has begun to show indications of keeping students involved long past graduation.