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Criminology Class, Fall 1999

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Exercise 2: Piaget's Schemata and Concept Ways of Communicating Learing

This lecure is taking from the lecture of September 7 and its summary.

Explain how Piaget's concepts of schemata and concept help us understand our learning.

A schemata is a partially learned concept, as in coding data. We may have learned the concept that there is a coded response for each answer, (for example, Male=1, Female=2), but we may not have grasped another important part of the concept, that each coded response must also include the "address" at which the computer can find that response. That means it would have to go into a given cell of a spreadsheet, or it would have to go in a specific column of an IBM card in the old days.

If we know precisely which elements of a concept we have mastered, we can let the teacher gain a more accurate picture of our learning, so he can connect the rest of the concept we need to know. This is an interactive form of teaching and learning. Student reports what he's learned. Teacher analyzes that in terms of the overall picture and helps student come to a more accurate understanding. Student again reflects his learning of the concept, until teacher and student are pretty sure they're talking about the concept as they both understand it.