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Volume 38, Issue No. 2, Week of April 24, 2011

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Listening to the Other

Story Below. An oil pastel of his grandchild, drawn  by Allan Knox, from memory, in a CSUDH class, and then recognized as a memento of his love for his family, so hard for all of us to express over great distance.

And Wondering What the Other
Would Answer


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Created: April 12, 2011
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Listening to Others in Good Faith
from jeanne's perspective

The world seems to have come to an impasse in which everyone is shouting at everyone else some version of "my way or the highway." That's a very real problem right now for the U.S. Congress. But it's also a very real problem for most of us, even in our personal relationships. This is a story about one of my students who listened to his heart in good faith.

This is Allan's story. But it's my story, too, because all stories are interactive. This is because the meaning of the story depends on the writer's conception and how that conception is interdependent with the reader's perception. In a like sense, the meaning of a portrait depends on what the viewer sees in the portrait, as well as what the artist saw in painting the portrait. This is a story of collaboration and interdependence. Most stories are. It's a story of teaching and learning, for all of us. . . .

More soon. Revising all the links takes time. And I'm getting old. . . . More tomorrow. jeanne


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