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The International Sociological Association asked sociologists the world over
to vote for the most important sociological book of the Twentieth Century.
Visit their site and see the list of books that were in the top 1000.
The top ten were:

Top Ten Books of the Twentieth Century
Results of Voting
by the International Sociological Association
1Weber, MaxEconomy and Society95
2Mills, Charles WrightThe Sociological Imagination59
3Merton, Robert KSocial Theory and Social Structure52
4Weber, MaxThe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism47
5Berger, P.L. and Luckmann, T.The Social Construction of Reality45
6Bourdieu, PierreDistinction: A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste43
7Elias, NorbertThe Civilizing Process: Power and Civility30
8Habermas, JurgenThe Theory of Communicative Action29
9Parsons, TalcottThe Structure of Social Action28
10Goffman, ErvingThe Presentation of Self in Everyday Life25

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Affiliations within Sociology at CSUDH

Graduation Honors in Sociology: How to Apply for 2000
Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society
Let's Talk Academic Discourse: Sociology Club
The Women's Center
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The Law and Society Research Center
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Sociology Links

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology
Sociology Associations, Research, and Department Links
Link fixed on February 19, 2000
Sociology Web Links

Very nice site for undergraduates to approach research for academic work.
Beware spelling errors. Correct them on your papers. Use a spell checker!
That does not make the site any the less attractive. It just takes
a long time to load. Link added July 8, 1999.


Sociological Research Online
Electronic Journal of Sociology
Western Criminology Review
NU Policy Research: An Electronic Journal
Northwestern University. Link added July 3, 1999. Sociology of Sport Online

Academic Support

Scholastic References
Evaluating Authority

Theory Links
the Better to Understand our Practice

"Theory in Humanistic Psychology"
by John Rowan. Good bibliographies on this site:
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Links added July 4, 1999.

Policy Links
the Better to Match Theory to Practice

National Jobs for All Coalition
Publications (some available online) on jobs and job policies.
Links added July 3, 1999.

Institute for Policy Studies
Link added July 3, 1999.

The Institute for Policy Research
Northwestern University
Note the interdisciplinary nature of the faculty. Link on People, then Faculty Fellows
LInk added July 3, 1999.
The American Civil Liberties Uniion Site
Link added June 30, 1999.
Use "scorecard" to check on the pattern of votes by any legislator. An advocacy
and policy update for political issues. Link updated July 3, 1999.
New Century Alliance for Social Security
The Lindesmith Organization on Drug Policy
The Brookings Institute
The Soros Foundation for Open Societies
Brookings Institute Policy Update
The Rand Graduate School's Policy Links
National Education Association
Special emphasis right now on school vouchers. Link added July 3, 1999.
Economic Policy Institute
The United States Student Association
Providing a forum for students' validity claims.
Link added July 3, 1999.
Policy Sites
A Social Worker's Choices

Sociology Department Links in U.S.

Links to U.S Colleges and Universities, Departments of Sociology

College Catalogs and Schedules
More than you ever wanted to know. Covers the whole U.S.
Link on College Search to hunt for a college. Link added July 7, 1999.