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Created: September 11, 2004
Latest Update: September 11, 2004

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In response to Carly James, CSUDH

jeanne's comments are in purple.

Carly James wrote on Saturday, September 11, 2004:

This website is very overwhelming to me, I'm having a hard time following it. Can you give me some more direction as to what you want me to read?

How about I offer you and everyone else a whole set of instructions on how to use the site? You're absolutely right --- we all need one. It is an overwhelming site because it's meant to be almost self-sufficient unto your needs for several classes. That's what let me cope without insisting that you buy the books.

So, let's start by agreeing that it's OK for the site to be overwhelming, as long as I put up enough street signs. Fair enough? I know I snapped at Brenda on Thursday when she asked if it was OK to just read anything and then e-mail me. No, it's not, but I shouldn't have snapped. That sounds like a reasonable approach. I was just tired and avoiding writing all the instructions. Sorry. These have been a fairly hectic two weeks, in which I've had to remap the whole way we manage moot court, community outreach, shared collaborative learning, and courses cross country.

I've set the instructions up at Instructions on Navigating Dear Habermas Website They won't be perfect. The tech had my computer all day. But they're a start, and you can all ask questions on Tuesday.

Thank you, I look forward to discussion on Tuesday....

My little red flying dog thanks your little red flying dog for being so polite. Thank you's help. Love and peace, jeanne

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