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Latest update: March 27, 2000
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Find jeanne! for Week 9, March 27 . . .

We're home! jeanne and Pat

Added Thrusday morning:
IRA Proposal
IRA Summary of Support and Signature Sheet
IRA Budget
IRA Budget Notes
IRA Attachments A and B

Preventing Youth Violence in Urban Schools, essays. From a site evaluation done by Renee Beck, UWP.

Addtion to Hostile TakeOver of Hampster Dance. Scroll to end of file.

Breaking News! Hostile TakeOver of Hampsterdance URL

New file up, Sunday, March 26: Links to Comments on Six-Year-Old Killing. See particularly the Suggested Project.

See also Comments on Virtual Community Paper given in New Orleans

Added on Monday, March 27: Comments on New Skin, Rehabilitation or Punishment??

WSSA Process Texts are going up, March 27: As quickly as I can, honest.
WSSA Process Text Links Page
Downsizing and Lifetime Learning are up. More soon. jeanne

Social Services InfoNetThis is a free service designed to get you to subscribe to Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, which is expensive. But, if you wander around the site, you'll find lots of links to useful information, particularly if you've waited till the last minute, and need info over the Web and fast. I found this article on Active Aging. It's free, and it's respectable. Active Aging: A Shift in the Paradigm This is not an alternative to the library. It's a quick and dirty way to survive when life happens. Reports available
Parents' Child Care Preferences: Patterns among Welfare Mothers
this has a good set of tables for interpretation.

Essay on Violent Social World of Black Men is going up. Will add more.

And there's a review on Ghosts in the Nursery on the antecedents of violence in children, with a newly added set of comments and cautions from Linda Woolf. Good piece for understanding the evaluation of academic and educational authorities.

jeanne's note to students, as she left for New Orleans, last week:

Dear Students: I didn't get the Pass? Prepared? quizzes done. Sorry. But I did try several times to start them. It's just that this wonderful scenario took place with e-mail, and the writer in me couldn't let it go. Read the story of disciplinary power and code. For Love 1A it offers a glimpse of those dealing violently and non-violently with a kind of structural violence. For Juvenile Justice it offers a whole different way to view societal reaction to a violation of norms. Who are the kids in the story? The malfeasors or the academics? For Statistics, think of all the things about the e-mail you'd like to count, and all the dummy tables you could construct. For Women and Crime, notice how crime is defined. These academics are criminologists? Or are they citizens whose primary interest is that rules be followed, preferably correctly? Is there any gender issue that comes up? For the Internet, what does this story tell us about control and the impossibility of controlling the Internet?

When I get good at this, this is how we'll set up all the discussion sessions. With basic questions illustrating the different perspectives brought by the different classes. So I guess I did do at least one pass? prepared? I can't wait to hear your answers next week.

While I'm away, I expect you to read. I believe in reading, remember?

Read Holes, read Buscaglia, read Images of Color, read Unruly Women and, read Code, read Babbie and Halley, chapters five and on, read Girl Gangs, the good part, the part you enjoy reading. Don't read Contemporary Social Theory unless you're enjoying it. I'll put up annotations when I get back, and then it will be easier to read and quicker. Read on the site. Read what I've posted below. Not quite what I intended, but, then, if you want life as it happens, you can't intend too firmly - that's like having expectations: structurally violent.

Most of all, tell me about what you read. If you haven't yet read Measurement of Learning, please do so. It's structurally violent not to use the information your instructor provides. While I'm gone, find a way to tell me what you've learned while I was gone.