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Mind Candy: Mother and Baby
Mind Candy: Salon 2000's Presidential Selector
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Jeanne's selection: David McReynolds, Ralph Nader,
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Topics for Discussion, Week 10, Week of April 3:

Hidden Control as Victimization


Compare the facts in the following two examples to the kind of victimization that we discussed in connection with DES and with Breast Implants. Notice that these approaches to victimization are in many ways more sophisticated. Sometimes the simple, straightforward answer leads to spurious results.

Hostile TakeOver of Hampster Dance Story of a recent corporate victimization incident.

Links to Comments on Six-Year-Old Killing

Then compare the Annotation on Changing Patterns of Corporate Victimization

Pass or Prepared? on the Hidden Control of Victimization

Suggested Project on the Hidden Control of Victimization

Microsoft and Corporate Victimization

The Microsoft Anittrust Ruling of April 3, 2000. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson filed his ruling on the Microsoft case on Monday, April 3. The New York Times and Los Angeles Times

Poetry and Art as Non-Violent Responses


Pass or Prepared? on Jacob Lawrence: Storyteller Painter

To Conserve a Legacy: American Art from Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Link from New York Times, March 30, 2000.

New York Times Article on April 4, 2000, on art and architecture: "Honoring a Visionary If Not his Vision," by Susan Sachs. Fathy's 1969 project, Architecture for the Poor, in Egypt. We'll discuss this later this week.


Suggested Project on Southern Black Life in early 1900s:

From the WriteNet listserv:

"Depending on the level (reading & grade) of the kids, any of the Mildred Taylor series about the Logan family (Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry; Let the Circle be Unbroken; Road to Memphis) [might be read in conjunction with To Kill a Mockingbird] . . . [T]hey are about a sixth grade reading level so most kids on a secondary level can handle these independently, and they give all give a perspective of Southern Black life in the early 1900's through WWII."

Could some of you check out Mildred Taylor's series, and share it with us?

Another Suggested Project: For Mothers' Day

Suggestion from Nicole of the WriteNet listserv:

"Why not read Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee?" and have the students write 14 reasons they love their mothers.  The 14 lines make a somewhat sonnet.  Pictures make it pretty."

WriteNet Good teaching site.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative

The Academy of American Poets