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Week 16, Week of May 15 and Exam Week

How about June 17 or June 18 for a Field Trip to
the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach?
June 18 is Father's Day! How about June 17 and we can make Father's Day cards??

New Additions to Justice Studies Association Paper

Comments on the Structural Violence of Exams

Structural Violence and Graduation

Structural Violence in Honoring Our Heroes

Structural Violence Escalates Violence

A Poetry Project Just for Fun: SUGGESTED PROJECT

Poetry and Public Art: The Poetry Society

Self Help Graphics

Takes a very long time to load.

Well-organized political science reference site.

NARAL Reproductive Choice Site

Well-organized section on reproductive issues.

Conflict Resolution Learning Materials OnLine

My friend is unhappy. What can I do?
First draft was called Respect.

Structural Violence and the Uniqueness of Its Impact
Impediments to the Peacemaking Identity

Town Hall Agenda
Town Hall Forum Reports

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Museum of Latin American Art
Link on Permanent Collection. Scroll down three fourths of the way to Rodolfo Stanley's El Mago en el Parque. Then Link on Recent Exhibits, and link to Faces and scroll down to El Mago en El Parque again. Notice the effect of the different colors as background. Use the Back and Forward buttons to compare the two.

Martin Puryear's Decoy and Other Work at the National Gallery of Art.

Mind-Candy for jeanne: Lisette Garcia's comments on Chicano Murals.

jeanne's Story on San Diego Field Trip

African-American History through Arts Project
at Coral Gable High School in Florida.

African-American History through Arts Project: Purvis Young

Purvis Young
Sorry, Warriors is no longer on the site. But try this link: Blues Player Another Purvis Young painting with the wooden painted frame he does. The frame is a part of Purvis' artistic expression. Similar style at New Orleans Museum of Art, but not on Internet. Jeanne has hardcopy. Nag her to bring it in.

Faith Ringgold: any1canfly
Check out Groovin' High and We Came to America. Explore the site:

Ofrenda, 1997 Artist: Galia Eibenschutz, Mexico City

A Brief History of Chicano Murals Social and Public Art Ressource Center, Venice, California

Link to on DinosaursLink to's Dinosaur site

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Suggested Projects

  • Jerome Witkin's "West Fayette Street, Syracuse, Sunday Moring" on Jack Ruthberg's Fne Art Site

    (Love 1A) Consider this urban landscape in terms of our usual normative sense of what a landscape should have, the emotions it should evoke. How do we normally regard a street corner with the kinds of road markings that suggest heavy downtown traffic? Do we normally consider the scene restful? What feelings does this painting evoke? Can you see how beauty and love might be in the "eye of the beholder?" Would the scene be more restful if the telephone or electric lines were not there? Why do you suppose Jerome Witkin put them there?

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