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Joining a Discussion Group

There is almost never enough time for discussion in large classes. Yet discussion is one of the most important factors in providing "voice" to every validity claim, to every member of our academic outreach. To that end we are going to use one of the wonderful new possibilities of "distance" learning. CSUDH technology funds provided WebBoard through a proposal that we wrote last Spring. This is Dear Habermas' first attempt to take our process texts to that WebBoard.

This link: WebBoard will take you to the discussion forum for all classes. Here's what to do when you get there:

  1. This will take you to the class discussion by way of the login site. You may choose to log in as a guest. But, in that case you will not be able to post messages, only read them. If you are a new user, you will be asked for some basic information, like your name and e-mail address. You do not need to give any further information than that. You will be asked to choose a password. Write it down somewhere so you won't lose it. If you check "Remember my password" when you log in, then WebBoard will recognize you, for it stores a cookie on your computer that tells it who you are. Guess what? That means your browser needs to accept cookies if WebBoard is to remember your password and not ask you to log in.

  2. When you have logged in or been recognized by WebBoard, choose one of the four narrative teaching classes currently being offered: Statistics, Law, Sociology of the Internet, or Women in Society.

  3. Click on the +sign or on the linked title.

  4. The +sign turns into a -sign and the title of a topic appears with another -sign. Click on the -sign or on the linked title.

The WebBoard gives us a chance to work out the ideas and theoretical applications that will become part of our process texts on Dear Habermas. This is the first step in working on a scholarly article, thinking through the approach, talking it over with colleagues. Enjoy this new program. It should help us do an even better job of publishing our texts.

Dear Habermas boards are moderated. That means the message is first picked up by a Dear Habermas team, so that it can be posted in the appropriate topic, and a new topic thread created if one is needed for effective critical development of the arguments. Moderators will not edit your messages for spelling and grammar, only for content that dictates topic threads - you need to edit your own work. Use the spell checker provided by WebBoard.

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