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Latest update: October 10, 1999
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This site is maintained interactively with the academic community it serves. Students and others who use the site share in that maintenance by sharing editing responsibility with the site faculty. We follow Professor Osgood's advice in applying the theoretical and doctrinal approaches we use to policy and practice in other fields, and in leading us to broader and different fields. This serves to enrich the site for all of us.

Since the site's inception in January 1998, students have led the way with threaded discussions of major social issues and the development of textual material for the interpretation of the traditional texts of the academy, thus giving an important new meaning to intertextuality in the work that students and teachers do in and for the classroom.

Without the effort of all those involved in this editing effort Dear Habermas could not maintain the standards of publication we set for it. We recognize this effort by including all editors on our staff index with links that will take you to the page or pages for which each has taken some of the responsibility.