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Instructions for Explosion Box/Card for Civics 101
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Explosion Card for Multiple Messages and/or Photos


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Created: January 20, 2007
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Index of Topics on Site Instructions and Images for Making a Civics 101 Box/Card



In your materials bag you will find:

  1. One exploding bottom for the box/card.

    Bottom section of box/card.

  2. One insert slightly smaller than the bottom section.

    First insert.

  3. A second insert slightly smaller than the first insert.

    Second Insert.

  4. Four squares to fit between the box side and the first insert.

    First insert square.

  5. Three smaller squares and a triangle to fit between the sides of the first and second inserts.

    Second insert square.

    Second insert triangle.

  6. One box top piece.

    Box/card top.

    Putting the box/card together:

    1. Decorate the outside of the box/card walls for the bottom piece.
    2. Decorate the top of the box, and the sides, if you wish.
    3. Decorate the second insert, since it will show when the box/card explodes open.

    4. Decorate the squares and triangle to put in the box, either with image stickers or messages or what you will.

      Put a grommet through the top of each square and triangle, and tie a tiny ribbon to it, to make the messge or image or photo easier to pull out and replace.

    5. Put in a hershey's kiss or two or three, and your gift of the box/card will win you someone's gratitude.

    Stickers for decorating the box/card for "Civics 101":

    Charles Stimson sticker         Asylum!

    Asylum!          and so on.

    * * * * *


    Discussion Questions

    1. What's the message we want to send our friends with the "I love music" box/card?

      Maybe you could do a different drawing for each of your favorite songs and print the name of the song on the image. Share these with your friends who love music, too. I used the paint software to make my music images. Try the software that came with the computer you use.

    2. Print some of your music images a little larger; then cut them up to make different images.

    * * * * *


    Discussion Questions

    1. What's the message we want to get across with the Civics 101 Card?

      Consider that Stimson is a government official in charge of the handling of Guantanamo for the Defense Department. Consider further that his message in the publicly aired radio interview was that attorneys who represent defendants accused of a crime are themselves somehow less than honorable in that representation. Then recall that in our revolutionary war our forefathers found the best known and most respected lawyers they could to represent those accused of war crimes because our beliefs are that no one should be convicted of a crime without representation and without the right to examine evidence and to challenge that evidence.


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