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New Stuff, Summer 2000
  • Under Attack, Fighting Back: Women and Welfare in the United States
    by Mimi Abramovitz, Book Review online.
    ISBN: 1-58367-008-4. $15.00 paper (only) 182 pp., March 2000.
    Check out especially their Bibliography.
  • On July 10, 2000, book review of Frances A. Underhill.  For Her Good Estate: The Life of Elizabeth De Burgh.  New York: St. Martin's Press, 1999.  Pp. 221.  $45.00.  ISBN 0-312-21355-7. Reviewed by Kathleen Kamerick, University of Iowa The review will be up online in a couple of weeks on the Bryn Mawr Classical Review Site. The review gives you an excellent idea of the life of a fourteenth-century noblewoman who sought and gained control over her life. We'll order the book for the library, if some of you would like to read further.

    New Stuff: July 1999

    Educating Girls

    Campbell-Kibler Associates, Inc
    Research and essays on girl's education, particularly math and science.
    Link added July 13, 1999.
    No Virginia, There Is No Math Gene
    Link added July 13, 1999.
    Using Vignettes to Handle Good Math and Science Teaching
    Link added July 13, 1999.
    Science Opportunities for Students
    Sponsored by AWSEM
    Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
    Link added July 13, 1999.

    National Organization for Women

    National Committee on Pay Equity
    Link added July 3, 1999.

    Women, Power, Access, and Justice

    Feminist Law and Jurisprudence
    Link added June 19, 1999.

    Gender and the Law
    Site hosted by Vernellia Randall. Link added June 19, 1999.

    Drucilla Cornell, Law Professor
    Summarizes her positions. Link added June 20, 1999/

    Sainthood, Power, and Eating Disorders
    Review of article appearing in New York Times on May 16, 1999.
    Eating disorders related to limited access to power and suffering as a means to a forum.
    Link added May 16, 1999.

    NOW Key Issues
    Link added July 2, 1999.
    The Feminist Majority Foundation Online
    American Association of University Women

    The CSUDH Women's Center
    The CSUDH Association of Women Students

    Gender Discrimination in Award of Merit Pay at California State University, San Marcos
    Saved on our server as PSSI Gender Discrimination. June 1, 1999.

    Finding Self within Community
    Essay on the similarity women face around the world in defining an "individual" self.
    Polemics on Veiling Egyptian Women in the Twentieth Century
    by Ghada Barsoum, 1997, a student at the American University in Cairo.
    Long and well-organized with a linked table of contents.
    Good bibliography. Link added July 13, 1999.

    The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
    The Center's Board
    A site devoted to budget and policy analysis,
    with particular emphasis on low income families and individuals.
    Of major import to both race and gender.
    For example, you will find an article on what a typical family pays in taxes.
    Considering the current debate on this issue in our Legislature,
    this is an important source of information.
    As with all data sources, you will need to assess the trust
    you wish to place in the measurement and methodology described.

    Marriage, Women, and the Law
    Research Librairies Group project on collecting materials to support
    research on this issue in the 19th Century. A sample
    search screen, and information on the project is available.
    NY Public Library

    Finding Self within Community

    Essay by jeanne

    Women around the world are faced with the problem of defininf themselves, with creating an identity for themselves that does not dissipate within the demands of caretaking for the community. Another way to say this might be that women seem trapped in a metanarrative, the metanarrative of nurture and familial ties. That metanarrative tends to obscure the individual narratives of the women who live the roles dictated by the metanarrative.

    We first saw this in the the 1970s women's movement in the U.S, about which women like Catharine MacKinnon have said that it freed women to validate their own voices. Metanarrative, like myth, fails to record lives in detail as they are lived. On this site, we try to capture local narratives that do record the lives we live.

    Education and Egyptian Women

    On Tuesday, January 5, 1999, the New York Times published an article, "Egypt Bets on Schools for Girls," by John Danizewski, on the front page. Danizewski speaks of the fear traditional rural Egyptians that attendance at coeducational state supported schools will corrupt their girls. So many of the fathers will not permit the young rural girls to attend school.

    Egypt, in response to growing concern about the limitations placed on its citizens lives by illiteracy, has come up with a new solution. The one room school house, for girls only, locally accessible, so that the young girls do not have to go far from home. Thanks to this policy, many young women are not getting an education forbidden to them until now.

    This matters terribly in the face of such announcement as UNICEF's last month, "that an estimated 855 million people--nearly one-seventh of humanity--are approaching the new millennium functionally illiterate."