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Instructions for Hard Copy from
an Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF File

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: February 7, 2006
Latest Update: February 7, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Instructions for Hard Copy from
an Adobe Acrobat Reader or PDF File
The articles that appear in Adobe Acrobat, also called PDF Files are often long. Chances are that you're not going to read in hardcopy the whole article. Try skimming it on the computer first. Some articles will even offer you a table of contents. Don't try to print the whole article, especially not without first checking on the taskbar at the bottom of the Adobe Acrobat screen to see how many pages it is.

Instead cut and copy what you really want to have close at hand in hard copy.

To do this in Acrobat Reader is a little more complicated than copying something from html. When the fist that lets you move up and down the page is the cursor in the shape of a fist is the cursor you're using (and it's the default, which means Adobe Reader will give that to you automatically), you can't highlight. To highlight you have to link on the capital T (with a tiny square and cursor arrow to the lower right in the icon) in the menu line at the top of the Adobe Reader screen. When you activate the T icon by clicking it, the cursor changes (at least on my computer, to an elongated capital I or Roman Numeral One shape), and that cursor will permit you to highlight.

Click on the T icon and highlight the paragraphs you want to copy. To highlight click your mouse at the start of what you want to copy and then drag it. Press down your shift key and hold it. Move your mouse to the end of what you want to copy and click. The whole thing will be highlighted, just as on html.

With the highlighting in place, click the right mouse button . A box will appear, from which you should click on Copy.

Now, you can paste what you have copied into a WORD or other word processor document:

Click WORD on your taskbar. WORD has to be open to do this. Open it if you haven't already done so.

Click the page icon on the left for a new document.

Use your right mouse button to select paste. I think you have to use your mouse button for copying from Adobe Reader instead of using an icon in the menu bar. Try it and see.

Save your WORD document. Either leave it to add more later. Or print and save if you're finished.

Voilà .

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