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Latest update: May 31, 1999
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Catch-Up: New Materials Starting May 1999

Violent Child and Three Strikes Law need development. Just started. May 31, 1999.

Social Work Links file needs updating with Ausubel flags. Someone nag me. Have been putting up HandsNet's Webclipper items.

Grades and Grading files being updated and going up.

New Index of Authors on Dear Habermas going up.

Stan Cameron recommends The Power of Photography, How Photographs Changed Our Lives. by Vicki Goldberg. "My first impression is that it may be a useful source for the project." The project is on Photography as Sociological Method, and the present work is Three Generals and a Naked Lady.

Barney Glaser wrote today to tell me that I need to read Doing Grounded Theory. Reckon I do, so I'll order it. In response to his catching some of my lacunae, I put up today a new file on Grounded Theory. Hadn't done that before because theory hadn't been our focus, but we certainly need a site section for it. What we will need soon is an entire theory section so that we can see the relationship across theories. This is particularly important since we keep crossing disciplines. Will start work on sections for Habermas, for Critical Theory. For now:
Grounded Theory: Doing It

Agencies and the Concept of Helping: Who and How?
Violence and Social Justice
Methods and Sampling

Files Waiting for Additions or Setup
New Links
Links Waiting to Be Positioned in Appropriate Files

Files in Progress

New Links to Be Distributed Across Files

Links brought to my attention by he World Justice Information Net:

"Concerning Problems of Criminal Procedure Law Connected with Information Technology" Recommendation No. R (95) 13 of the Committee of Ministers to Member States. Should go to netacc.htm, but need new file. Should also go to crimjacc.htm.

American Society of Criminology ASC Call for Papers
Deadline March 31, 1999. Should go to crimjacc.htm, if not already there.

Family conferencing and juvenile justice: the way forward or misplaced optimism? Edited by Christine Alder and Joy Wundersitz Files available in pdf format. Should go to juvacc.htm

Y2K Survey of America's Counties Should go to netacc.htm, but need new file for this.

President's Council on Y2K Conversion Should go to netacc.htm.

"Wasn't That a Time" Columbia University Exhibit - Photo Study on Civil Rights. Photos and stories available online. Should go into crimjacc.htm and to photo study project file, which needs to be created.

Human and Constitutional Rights A Columbia University Law School Site. The Civil Rights Photo Study Exhibit is on this site.

LegiFrance La loi en France. French law. A government site. Other French site links given. Should go to lawacc.htm file, and need new file for such access.

JobTrak Help with Graduate and Professional Schools, Law Schools,
Business Schools, and Financial Aid
External Site
Came upon this link when searching for summer internships.
Jobtrak works on, but the old financial aid link is
not working. You may need to register to get it to work.

February 1999 justice links on counterfeiting and fraud. Jeanne will transfer and put up as soon as possible. February 5, 1999.

A Brief Counterfeiting History in U.S. , Reginald Group
Brief essay on history of counterfeiting.

State of the Art Software to Prevent Credit Card Counterfeiting.

Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting
Has some online fact sheets. Primary emphasis is corporate, but
should give you a good sense of the issues. Link added February 5, 1999.

Counterfeiting, Forgers, and New Technologies
Companies specializing in document security provide information on counterfeiting checks,
and protections against it. link added February 5, 1999.

New set of links just in from justinfo. Will go on crimjacc.htm.

  1. Lawyers Association of Buenos Aires
    Asociacisn de Abogados de Buenos Aires

  2. Buenos Aires Bar Association
    Colegio de Abogados de Buenos Aires

  3. Informacion Legislativa

  4. El Ateneo Bookstore and Publisher
    Librerma y Editorial El Ateneo

  5. . Bar Association of San Isidro - Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro

  6. Department of Justice - Ministerio de Justicia

  7. National Ombudsman, Argentina - Defensor del Pueblo de la Nacisn Argentina

  8. Federal Police of Argentina - Policia Federal de Argentina

  9. Official Bulletin of Argentina - Boletmn Oficial de la Repzblica Argentina

  10. Senado de la Nacion

These materials are brought to you by the World Justice Information Network,, administered by the Rule of Law Foundation,, with support from the National Institute of Justice of the United States Department of Justice, and the Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs of the United States Department of State.

Argus Clearing House of Net Resources and Links

Link added January 27, 1999.
Carleton College Resource Links
Link added January 27, 1999.