Freeing the Feminine Other
A Collaborative HyperText Poem
by students and faculty and staff and folks from the community
in the best of
feminist dialogic theoretical tradition
California State University, Dominguez Hills AND University of Wisconsin, Parkside

Table of Contents

The Basic Text

Role Confusion of the Twenty-First Century:

The Lady and Sir Galahad
The Harlot and the Pimp


The Visual AND Answerability

Religion AND Belief AND Culture AND

the Confusion of Depression

Technical Noise

The Infrastructure AND the Hypertext Poem



  • Michael Griffin
    Gallery Exhibit, Spring 2004
    Hypertext Intern for Internet Exhibit
    Through Department of Political Science, CSUDH

Faculty Adjuncts:

  • Jeanne Curran
    Department of Sociology, CSUDH
  • Susan Takata
    Department of Criminal Justice, UWP

Community Adjunct:

  • Patricia Acone
    Department of Sociology, CSUDH

Alumni Adjunct:

  • Reza Ganjavi, Guitarist & Record Producer
    Los Angeles and Switzerland
    Supplied "In Friendship" and "Dancing Hands" CD's
    for Spring 2004 Exhibit.

Youth Adjunct:

  • Elise Zevitz
    Through Department of Criminal Justice, UWP


Pat and Jeanne and the CSUDH students of Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 want to thank Dia Dorsey of the Dean's Office in Arts and Sciences at CSUDH, for her continuing affirmation and support.

We also owe tremendous gratitude to Jaime Leal, Jr. at the Loker Student Center at CSUDH for guiding us through the intimidating step of curating a gallery exhibit, and the Department of Instructional Media for guiding us and providing the necessaary equipment.

Permission to Build On and Use:

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Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata