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Created: February 5, 2003
Latest Update: February 5, 2003

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This is an important exchange. It illustrates how the most caring and justice loving amongst us can be trapped into the inspiration of prayer or music or art into believing that forgiveness and continual striving is all, and that in that mode we are not complicits with the evils on the earth. I'm sorry. I don't agree. I believe that we are complicit in the midst of our innocence in our failure to understand that oppression and agression and killing must not be tolerated, even though our hearts are full of forgiveness. I believe that we must speak up. That we must stand together to let those with the power to harm that such abuse of harm will not be tolerated. Then I believe we may gratefully walk right into the Paradise we have created. More later, Marlene. Gotta go right now. jeanne

On Wednesday, February 5, Marlene Whittaker wrote:

Hi Jeanne, just was given this wonderful web site. Only have had the chance to read the first article that was on it for todays, or this weeks inspirational pieces, but will get back to it. If you only read the first one, that is the one I thought of you in anyway. Hope you enjoy it. Go to! Love and Peace, Marlene

On Wednesday, February 5, jeanne responded:

I liked it, Marlene, but I think it is tainted with a bit of denial and simplification. I'll put up some stuff on denial soon. We cannot lead our selves into failing to assess the feelings and actions of others from our own perspective. Saddam Hussein. Now can we tolerate basic misunderstanding of the world as it is. Bush. So it's not as simple as a linear construction of a beautiful reality with our lovely colors. It's tough, it requires focus and discipline, and it requires keeping faith with ourselves and that inner inspiration which is our gift, and all that requires illocutionary discourse, the human willingness to try to understand self and other, not agree with them, just understand them enough to foreswear violence and killing. Given all that, I agree, we can paint Paradise for ourselves and walk in, and maybe even preserve Paradise for the future. Love and peace, jeanne