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Created: January 12, 2001
Latest update: January 12, 2001
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Transforming Local Discourse:
Permission to Say What We Were Taught Not to Say

January 12, 2001
Data Sequence: Qualitative Analysis ? - I've lost count; we need to figure this out. jeanne jan 12

On Friday, January 12, 2001, Susan wrote to Gale and Mac:

"how about friday afternoons? if i remember correctly, mac --you don't have any friday afternoon classes? so we could meet at noon? still trying to figure this out."


On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Gale wrote:

Friday at noon is good! Just let me know, again I only have one formal class commitment on T/R. . . .

Also, went over the WSSA schedules 1 & 2. How impressed was I? I told Mac not to worry that you had complete confidence in our abilities to succeed at this conference and if you didn't have that confidence in us, you wouldn't have approached either one of us to participate. See what you've created? A MONSTER!!!!!! A nontraditional student, who for the first time in her life is confident in her own abilities to succeed. And believe me, I thank you for that!!!!

Professor X just mentioned the other day, when I was in there to pick up my final and going over our independent study, that he's noticed a change in my attitude or assurance in myself. He claims to notice a great change in my writing style and thoughts. He said in the beginning he was worried about me but has seen such a turnaround. He wrote such a wonderful letter of recommendation for the teacher education program - definitely NOT a dog letter. Go figure.

Or do you suppose that it might be the unstated assumption that an older nontraditional student might have trouble? And he was surprised when I didn't have trouble? Who knows?. But whatever the change I have you to thank Susan, for giving me that pat on the back when I needed it the most. Oh, wait - I'm having a moment! SNIFF SNIFF (ha ha ha) But truly, thanks guys for helping me feel confident about myself. Corrections and Law & Social Change helped me in all other areas of study last semester and I appreciate it. And will continue to help me through this semester and my career."

Later, Friday, January 12, 2001, Susan responded to Gale:

"friday noon is fine with me. now the million dollar questions: is it okay with you mac? (let's not hold our breaths, gale -- okay?)

"gale -- i hope you don't mind me sharing this email with jeanne. this observation is extraordinary data. and gale -- i didn't do anything. you did this all yourself (you have only yourself to "blame" (heh, heh, heh). i think you had it in you all along.

"well, folks -- was gone off email and didn't do a darn thing with my merit review report. instead a friend called and i spent 2 hours on the phone helping to sort out a problem. oh, well... (i'm on sabbatical. i'm on sabbatical).

"based on all the emails during the winter break, i know that your papers are well underway."


And just a little later on Friday, January 12, Mac's message popped up:

Friday, it works for me! After 12pm ok? That's when my last class is. OK, now, where?

Susan, you said, "based on all the emails during the winter break, i know that your papers are well underway." LOL Are you joking or just being nice? lol Friday...

On Friday, January 12, partway through this exchange, jeanne wrote to Gale and Susan:

Susan and Gale, that is so neat, Gale's thanks, as she expressed it. Part of me having been brought up to be overly proper, reacts by thinking I must remove any such asides from the data. But then I realize how much that reaction is imbued with dominant discourse, which insists that we must be modest and assume that all in authority are competent. I think that the need to build each other's confidence, and our asides to do so, are an important part of the transformation of discourse. So I don't think I will cut them out. Perhaps what we need to do with them, is leave them as they occur naturally and then compare them to what happened in women's consciousness groups in the 70s. I suspect that we may realize that gender is not the crucial variable in building confidence, but that awareness, at a level where we are permitted to speak of it is. which means that men and women both need such discourse. I actually think that the impromptu recognition of our changing relationships says a lot about the ways in which dominant discourse needs to be transformed.

Also there are several moments in here in which it is clear that Susan and jeanne expect someone to always be there. It's a wonder field mice survive, since the checking in goes on continuously.

love and peace, jeanne

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