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Latest update: October 15, 2000.
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Census Bureau, Community Facts

Behavioral Objective: Learning How to Get Local Community Information from the Census Bureau on the Internet

The resources for this interactive project were garnered from The U.S. Census Bureau, using Horizon, which links to Mansfield University. Census and Demographics at Mansfield University.

To get the Report on Compton Data you will need to include at least step C, because the Census Bureau program requires cookies, and it is at that stage that the program identifies your computer. This is a minor inconvenience. You have to accept the cookie, by letting the government's computer read the identification number of your computer, but it's a minor inconvenience when you consider that they then give you access to all the census data and their programs to analyze those data.

  1. Go to U.S. Census Bureau: American Fact Finder
  2. Link to the US Census Bureau, Facts About My Community for information.
  3. Then link to Community Profiles Page to select data.

    1. Select U.S. by clicking in the radio button
    2. Then select the state by clicking in the radio button in front of California.
    3. To open up the next level of selection double click on the + in front of California.
    4. To select the County double click on the + in front of County.
    5. Click in the radio button in front of Los Angeles County.
    6. To select from within the County click on the + in front of Los Angeles.
    7. Notice that clicking on the + expands your choices. Clicking in the radio button makes the selection.
    8. Click on the + in front of County subdivision.
    9. Click in the radio button in front of Compton division.
    10. Notice that your selection is recorded in Current Selection in the lower part of the main frame.
    11. You have now made your geographic selection, No. ! in the left-most frame.

    12. Select No. 2, Select Profile, in the left-most frame.
    13. Select D-2 Social Characteristics: 1990.
      This will give us the social characteristics, for the selected geographic area, from the 1990 Census Data.

    14. Select No. 3, View Profile, in the left-most frame. A Preview of the Form for the Social Characteristics Data appears in the screen below.
    15. Select Create, under View Profile, in the left-most frame, to create the report for the given geographic selection from the 1990 Census Data.

  4. Answer the following questions either from the report you created or from Compton Data.

    Click on any question number to see jeanne's answer to that question.

    1. What percentage of Compton students were enrolled in private school in 1990?

    2. Is it true that the largest percentage of Compton citizens reporting in the 1990 Census had less than a ninth grade education?

    3. Did most people in Compton live in the same house in 1985 as they did in 1990, or had most of them moved about?