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IRA Proposal for Moot Court: Budget Notes

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: March 30, 2000
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A. 1. Honorarium

The honorarium is intended to cover Professor Bell's expenses on his visit and an honorarium for his participation in the Academic Performance of Moot Court and the evaluation.

A. 2. Technicians

Technicians to run the video cameras, since these are required for the University Theatre for the Academic Performance. This permits the audience to see the students as well as the judges.

A. 3. Student Assistants

We allowed for one student assistant per term, since we expect to have the performance in the Spring.

A. 4. Other

$500 was allowed for the cost of echnicians to operate the lights in the auditorium, and the requisite stage setup.

$4000 was allowed to provide enough travel support to get our students to conferences where their papers are accepted through peer review. The University of Wisconsin, Parkside, provided this much this year to send their students to join ours in the San Diego Western Social Science Association Meetings in late April 2000.

B. 1. Supplies

$1000 was allowed for cartridges, computer discs, some substantive books needed for reference in our office, and for miscellaneous supplies that we find are used profusely when our research teams prepare copies of their papers for the conferences.

B. 2. Publicity, Printing

This item is meant to cover the costs of producing hardcopy of site materials for our judges, as well as invitations for the performance and programs.

B. 5. Other

this iterm is meant to provide the necessary funds to update and get new versions of the software essential to this project. We were hampered in 1999-2000 by our inability to update our Ipswitch program and our html editor. That is extremely costly in terms of production losses, forcing us to use our home machines. We need to keep our office machines current.