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My World on April 10, 2005

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Created: April 10, 2005
Latest Update: April 10, 2005

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Michael and Kathleen came to help with the computer dilemma. We're stil not on cable, but getting there. And the site and yahoo survived for me to write another day. I think some of that dark side of innocence crept into the technology world, especially with those people in India who will never, never give me a name, and most of the time can't give me an answer. I know the corporate world claimes that the Indians work harder and for less pay, and can outdo our American workers. Well, I sure haven't seen it. Besides, how are our young people in the U.S. going to take technology seriously when we take the jobs away from them? International trade and labor force issues in a later semester, thought I keep thinking I've retired.

Yesterday, while Kathleen and Michael were playing with the cable modem, whose company went bankrupt because of corporate fraud, by the way, I found the New York Times Magazine from April 3, 2005, in the middel of the kitchen table. Dear me, hadn't seen it all week. It's cover and a large part of its whole issue was on the Murakami "Little Boy" show at the Japan Society in New York City. I've already ordered the "catalog" that Murakami edited, but I guess it might have helped to have found the magazine a little sooner. Michael recognized the "Little Boy" name last night, and reminded me (guess I must have known once) that the other atomic bomb we dropped on Nagasaki was named "Fat Boy." But then I checked it out and found that "Fat Boy" was not the actual name. Check it out.

Please remember that it's important to double check references. We are all on a fast track, Super Moms and Dads and Achievers, and so sometimes we just don't take that extra time to check. One good source I'd like to share with you is Urban Legends Reference Pages. They post rumors and scams and phony e-mails circulating, to offer you a quick check. It worked for me. I entered "Fat Boy" as a google seacrch, and when I saw the link, I knew it would help, and it did. To not check your sources is as grievous as to plagiarize someone else's information and writing.

Notes to add on philosophy . . . later, jeanne

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