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Topic of the Week: Loch Ness Revisited

Lived experience around the world. jeanne

Lived Experience in the Water of a Global Stage

This week, as we begin to wind up the Fall Semester, our chosen topic is the consideration of lived experience around the globe. Earlier this week I finished reading African Tears, a book I bought in Capetown, South Africa. Earlier, in the Fall, I shared stories I'd brought back from China. Yesterday, Angela Splane asked about the elections in Nigeria. Berthena Kemp is still trying to help us build a people bridge to Zambia or Ghana or Nigeria or Zimbabwe. People bridges are hard to build.

I tried to avoid some of these stories as the War with Iraq unfolded. But the water situation we first noted in Bolivia, worsens daily, The middle east, like parts of the US and parts of Latin America is a desert. So in this, one of our last study weeks for this semester, I'm going to try to bring you some meaningful narratives of lived experience from around the globe, answering your questions briefly. This will be just a tiny door opening to what we will carry on next semester in Sociology 395: Knowing.

I started out trying to figure out how best to link these issues for you. Immediately, water came to mind. So I figured I'd better go back and search for water information. We already had a start with the devastating connection with the Bolivian water crisis and Bechtel, an American Corporation, Bolivia Vs. Bechtel, Bechtel Receives Contract for Rebuilding Iraq from USAID Bechtel's Political Clout Helps Iraq Bid By Michael Liedtke, AP. Business Writer. The Associated Press. April 19, 2003.

Some balancing responses to the left/center perspective above: The truth about Bechtel and the USAID Iraq Bechtelís record of success reflects performance, not politics; Bechtel Press Releases involving Bolivia; * European Water Corporations and the Privatization of Asian Water .

Read also Global Water Grab. (This is a PDF file.)

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A Brief History of Cinco De Mayo
by the Chicana/o Latina/o Network at UCLA

On Thursday, May 1, Pat and I found ourselves in the midst of what the radio called "a moving parking lot" on the Hollywood Freeway. There was no way we could have gotten through in time to be of much use. Instead, we'll come in next Tuesday, May 6. I have a faculty luncheon at 12:30, after which I'll stay in my office for several hours. And we'll be in on Wednesday. The Tuesday time should work for those of you who just missed Thursday. Sorry about the traffic.

Also, I now consider that the site will offer new material only for convenience. There's more than enough up for everyone to complete their assignments for Sociology of Reality. Please don't e-mail me that you don't know what to do. This is the END of the semester.

  • Contact Bobby Nelson in the Multicultural Center. e-mail:
  • Or Patricia Acone, e-mail: or Pat Acone at 310-521-8860
  • or jeanne, e-mail:

Father Adjakpe of Ghana will be visiting with us on May 21, 2003. Please be sure you've read colonization and proselytization by then for our discussions. jeanne

May 1, 2003: Don't forget to check out the Topics Index.

May 1, 2003: How to Request a Letter of Recommendation Don't forget to read Jennifer's sample request as a guide. It will help us both be more effective at writing good letters. It would be a good idea to see to it that I know who you are, if you're asking for a letter.

Thursday, May 1, 2003: The Ongoing Saga of jeanne's e-mail:

It's working! It's working! Maybe this time, all is well. Send your e-mails. jeanne

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  • Sociology of Reality
    Class Page for Sociology of Reality No more additions. Semester material completed. Although you may substitute with material from recent issues.

  • Theses and Articles and Novels by Our Students

    • May 6, 2003: Effective Management Start of Veronica Roberson's dissertation, with jeanne's comments.

    • May 5, 2003: Foucault and Chomsky on Human Nature and Politics: An Essential Difference? By Michael Daniels. Junior, Trinity University. San Antonio, Texas Comments and Discussion Questions up soon. jeanne

    • April 24, 2003: Berthena Kemp: No new material. Restructuring Berthena Kemp's thesis.

    • April 24, 2003: Carolyn Ibekwe: No new material.

    • April 24, 2003: Charles Barlow: No corrections submitted. jeanne

    • April 24, 2003: Jolie Gibbs. Has entire first draft of thesis in on disk. Abstract and start of chapter 1. Working on Chapter 2. Up soon. jeanne

    • April 24, 2003: Patricia Hamilton. First section in as hardcopy. We need to get it into Word. Beautifully written. Needs structural context and visual support. jeanne

    • April 24, 2003: Millie Coulter. Hello, Millie. Where are you?? jeanne

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