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Topic of the Week:

As We Go Down Life's Paths Together

Penguins from National Geographic Calendar.

July 31, 2004

I just had to share these penguins with you. They reminded me of me and Arnold, not running marathons or loping down the beach anymore, but kind of tottering along enjoying it all. And off on the horizon there's our unicorn. We screwed up, made wrong decisions, wasted some things, harmed some others, but every path we followed was exciting, especially when I skied down the double diamond slopes before he found them!

My little drawing program wouldn't let me finish the underdrawing. No, I don't know why. Who's got the time for little things like that. I've got to get the site map ready, and all the course shared readings for the Fall. But when I saw these two, I just had to stop long enough to put them into the world I was seeing. They capture so wonderfully how I feel sometimes when I try to bounce up and start off again. And yet, I still love the sight of them. Life should be together, with someone(s). Else we lose some of those wonderful memories.

That reminds me that gerontology needs recognition of its own on our site map. And the minor matter that I left criminal justice off the site map. Sorry, I was distracted by a unicorn. They stop by more often lately on this new path I've found. I agree with Ruether, it's all inter-related.

And just for the record, I absolutely won't accept hell fire and damnation for anyone. If torture is wrong, and I'm convinced that it is, then why would you want to torture forever two old folks wandering along the beach, reminiscing about all the wonderful things in life? We have this life. And this is how I want to live it. I'll listen in good faith for illocutionary purposes to hell fire and damnatiion, to the apocalyptic retribution. But I'm sorry, I take in every cat and dog that I can. How could I leave out humans?

Susan's photo of her unicorns in Wisconsin office.

And together, Susan and I take in all the unicorns, too. They do stop by more often on this new path we've found lately.

NEWS and Announcements:


Urban Legends: The City in Maps - Di's Maps on Sow in Bay Areea
August 6-21, 2004 at the Oaklandish Gallery, 411 2nd, between Broadway and Franklin, Jack London Square, Oakland,

Panel Discussion, "Maps & the City," August 12 at 7:30pm

"Two of the Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis) Knowledge Maps, The Smell Map (Twin Cities Odorama) and the Sound Map (50 Stories and 456 Decibel Readings) by the Design Institute have been chosen for a juried exhibition on "cities represented through the language of maps," organized by City|Space , a group of urban designers, planners, artists and ecologists who aim to "engage Bay Area audiences in complex and challenging questions about the cities we inhabit..." This exhibit also features another 20 works in diverse media (picked from over 60 submissions) from Seattle, New York, Rotterdam, London, Tokyo and Berlin."

Sharon Irish, Ph.D.
School of Architecture
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Jeanne will try to make the panel discussion. We'll be in San Francisco. Looks like we should include some map making in our Naked Space Exhibits.

Conference in New Orleans in September: Held Over

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Summer 2004

Debriefing the Naked Space Exhibit

Summer 2004 Project

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For The Naked Space Exhibit "Freeing the Feminine Other" in May 2004
Link on Section Titles for Hypertext Poem and Contents.

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    Eric Draper/Agence France Presse - Getty Images
    President Bush, on his expensive mountain bike in Texas last week before his most recent accident.

    Steven Senne/Associated Press
    Senator John Kerry, on his even more expensive road bike in May.

    • Culture Wars, on Two Wheels By Carles McGrath. New York Times. Week in Review. Published: August 1, 2004. Backup. This is a delightfully funny article. I disagree with President Bush on his entire social and political philosophy and strategy. But after reading this article, I gotta admit I like him. Even Arnold likes him. If he appeared at our kitchen door like one of our cats, we'd let him in.

      Sometimes it's hard to deal with cognitive dissonance. If I dislike your political philosophy, I must dislike you to be consistent. That's crazy. I'm still just as adamantly opposed to the destruction of safety nets and to poorly planned and executed wars. I'm even opposed to wars. They kill people, and I like people. But the side of the man I see in this article is one I can relate to. Arnold and I have raced motorcycles, climbed the mountains and hills, and splattered ourselves all over the countryside. I could never do anything as coolly as Kerry appears to be able to ride his road bike. I'd probably fall off while waving. I drove my first bike straight into a tree. Come to think of it, I drove my first motorcycle straight into a tree, but had sense enough to jump off. And after all that, my first California license was for driving a motorcycle. I'm lots more like Bush than Kerry.

      Maybe that's what they meant in that poll where they asked "Who'd you rather have a beer with?" The choice of "beer" over "drink" already says it all. It's a sit down and put your feet up and laugh and share kind of thing. Not a formal party. See how easily you can bias polls by the way you ask the questions?

      I still disagree profoundly with the Republican lack of safety net, lack of concern for the underdog, and arrogance in being so sure they're right (knowingness). But that doesn't mean I have to dislike Bush as a person. I liked the guy in this article. I'd enjoy sitting down with him and laughing. That doesn't mean I should vote for him. We're not electing bike pals. We're electing a president. But don't be dismayed if you find that your feelings aren't always consistent. Nothing is. We live in a complex world.

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