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Current Issue: Volume 27, No. 1 , Week of June 4, 2006
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Portrait of a Screw - This project is NOT acceptable as drawn. F

Portrait of a Screw: "This project is NOT acceptable as drawn. F"

Claes Oldenburg

Arched Soft Screw as Building - Claes Oldenburg - National Gallery

Goes with NY Times, "The Board Wore Chicken Suits," Joe Nocera, Saturday, May 27, 2006.

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Created: May 27, 2006
Latest Update: June 2, 2006

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Topic of the Week:

Ethics as We Model It For You

Goes with "The Board Wore Chicken Suits," Joe Nocera, NY Times, Saturday, May 27, 2006. Backup. Joe Nocera's New York Times article described an annunal stockholders' meeting that sounds like it was being run by Charlie Chaplin. The Company? Home Depot. The Problem? Stockholders protesting, including the employees and the Unionvs, about the excessive payment to the CEO. The article suggsts that customers and investors are paying for this extraordinary compensation for the CEO through higher pricer, lesser wages, and lower returns on their stock. I wonder how that affect the profit that Home Depot shares with California State University, Dominguez Hills, as part of the contract for that big chunk of land on which the Carson-homeowner-protested soccer field went?


In desperation, I'm posting the first few pages of this week's issue so I can get us off to a decent start this summer. I have an MRI coming up tomorrow, after which I can schedule meetings with physiotherapy trainers, yoga trainers etc. to learn to make peace with this scoliosis. They warned me that one day this could happen. What they didn't tell me that almost all the medications, including aspirin, would knocke me out. Well, at least that means I'll get lots of exercise.

Kathleen wrote on transform_dom last week that she wondered how she could feel sorry for herself when so many were suffering even more awful things. I wanted desperately to answer then, but I couldn't sit at the computer long enough. Now I can, again, and I wanted to get up at least these few articles that will begin to give you some idea of how my thinking is going. Commitment. Love. Empathy. So much it's all overwhelming.

No, it's not. That's only one perspective. In this week's topic I'm going to start with three really tragic pieces. The question of the ethics of both the CEO compensation at HomeDepot, and the handling of its Annual Stockholders' Meeting, Kofi Annan's announcement that AIDS globally has exploded beyond the capability of the U.N. to control it. And this morning, the announcement of incresing numbers of osteonecrosis? OF WHAT? Osteonecrosis. Bone death. Never heard of it. Me, either.

I'd appreciate if you folks would read these articles and think of them in terms of our human commitment to one another, individual and community, and then, that question we always ask God: WHY? Well, no one I know ever got a direct answer from God. Reckon that could be because there isn't one. At least not in the sense we usually mean one question/one answer. Commitment to another, human or other living creature, does not make you responsible for that other. It doesn't make you God. It just makes you real and good and human. Sometimes you'll be there for that other person; sometimes you won't. Sometimes your being there will make a difference. Sometimes it won't. But commitment means that I'll never be afraid to smile, to welcome, to support you in whatever way I can, AND that you in trun will never expect me to perform God-like miracles because I care.

I'll try to sketch this out some more tomorrow in discussion questions.

Meanwhile, please read:

Backup of The Board Wore Chicken Suits NY Times. May 27, 2006.

  • Backup of U.N. Chief Says World Is Losing Battle With AIDS NY Times. June 2, 2006. Backup of Drug for Bones Is Newly Linked to Jaw Disease N/Y. Times. June 2, 2006.

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