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Topic of the Week:

Respect for the Other's Intelligence

This last week, Ann Coulter appeared on the Jay Leno show. Arnold insisted upon watching it. She's the one who wrote Godless, by the way, in case you haven't been following the latest best sellers out. She calls liberals "godless," whatever that is supposed to mean.

More soon . . . jeanne

Discussion Questions for Transform_dom:

    Why do name calling and hate mongering disrespect the other's intelligence?

    Consider that affect prevails in such heated "debate," obscuring the examination of factual evidence and leading only to an escalation of emotions. If you saw the Jay Leno show on which Coulter appeared, think back to how Jay, in his frustration, resorted to just repeating his question of whether she hadn't gone overboard with her invective against the wiidows of 9/11. The issue wasn't whether she had gone overboard. The issue was the inappropriate use of invective in any reasoned argument. If she wants people to make decisions about whether to side with liberal or conservative arguments, or to vote, based on her position, then invective in her argument is completely inappropriate.

    More soon . . . jeanne


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