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Current Issue: Volume 33, Issue No. 2, Week of June 1, 2008
Previous Issue: Volume 33, Issue No. 1, Week of May 25, 2008


Summer Plans

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Created: May 30 2008
Latest Update: May 30, 2008

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Topic of the Week:

Summer Planning for Community Building Around Presidential Elections

Our work this summer will be devoted to planning information files for use by all who are interested in the social and economic issues that will be affected by the upcoming presidential elections. Instead of posting completed issues, I'm going to post all week long as we work on the issue, finishing it just as we start the next week's issue. We hope that in this way, those who wish to share in our work will feel free to send in comments and sources as we work.

This week we started with a set of files on veteran issues and with a set on the importance of context to interpretation. This is a teaching site, dealing with social and criminal justice. Our personal biases tend towards a progressive position. But our goal is to present the many perspectives out there on each issue, so that everyone in our communities can find information that fits their personal context. love and peace, jeanne, Susan, Pat

love and peace, jeanne


  • Art, Like Discourse, Has a Perspective Why we have to talk about context. Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe as explanation of context. This file was just started. I'll have it up soon. jeanne

  • Context and Foucault's Non-Affirmative Paintingtm Discussion of Foucault's article on Non-Affirmative Painting and context. Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe and Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup Cans as examples.

  • veterans01.htm A War is Fought by People. When those people come home we call them Veterans. Discussion of issues affecting veterans. This one on McCain's voting record.



  • Site Map and Archives updates.

    • Use of learning theory to construct several levels of depth on information for dissemination.

  • Veteran's Benefits

  • Checking News Sources

    Exploring Resources on Candidates' Positions: Voting Records" Start of series of files and how to check sources for more accurate interpretation of information.

  • Newspapers Are Old and Slow

    Make it a gay-old time "C'mon, senior citizens, vote for same-sex marriage -- it's the future." Joel Stein. Los Angeles Times. Friday, May 30, 2008.Opinion Section. At p. A19.

    C'mon, young people. We know you're moving a little faster than we are, and you're anxious to get on with change. Sound bites, though sexy, are seriously misleading. If you want control of the change you're so anxious to subject us all to, you'll need the information that journalists and serious newspapers provide. We give you a list of both conservative and liberal newspapers at the end of this page. Use it. Think a little more deeply. Get the facts, as perceived by opposing positions. Talk about the issues. We'll all live longer and better for it. jeanne

Visual Sociology

  • Use of Art and Performance to Attract Community References:

SquiggleOnline Resources For Governance Discourse

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