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Volume 38, Issue No. 2, Week of April 24, 2011

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Coping with Inculcated Fear

The Frightened Featherless Chicken Learns that His Feathers Grow Back In Spite of the Fear

Just Do Something




University of Wisconsin, Parkside (UWP)
California State University, Dominguez Hills(CSUDH)
Created: April 12, 2011
Latest update: April 25, 2011

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jeannesquiggleWhat Happens when Fear Surrounds Us?squiggleSusan

When we talk about things that really matter to us, whether we've learned anything in school, whether what we learned really matters, whether there will be a high school, a college, a job, a career waiting for us when we grow up, these are hard things to talk about. Many of us have learned not to talk about anything that people feel strongly about, like politics.

Today, there are lots of reasons we must learn to talk about what matters. Not talking about the terrible debt we were acquiring with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan means that today most of us adults are horrified at how much our nation borrowed from foreign countries, and whether those foreign countries represent and believe in all the things that we believe in and value.

How do we really feel about war? Is war a reasonable way to solve problems? Is it reasonable to spend so much on wars that we can't afford to put new computers and books in our schools? Maybe that depends on how important the war is for our future. Our future, and that of the world we live in. These things matter, to all of us.

How do we know what facts and truth are? What is evidence? How can you tell the truth from someone's opinion of the truth?

All of these questions matter. So when we come together to crochet, to make memories that will remind us of wonderful times, difficult times, and times when we discovered we really could make a difference, we offer the sources and summaries on the Dear Habermas site to help us answer these questions, from the perspective of all the different people to whom they matter.

War and budget are two of the most important things we have to worry about. So we're starting with them. But they're both kind of scary topics, especially because so many of our cities, states, and the federal government can't figure out how to tell the wrong answers from the right answers. The real world is complicated, lots more complicated than science. That's because we have to learn to work together, so that what I do doesn't cancel out what someone else does. That will take conversations. Lots of them. And you shouldn't be left out, none of you. Not your grandparents, your parents, you or your friends and neighbors.

The Cats who Crochet hope to give us all many opportunities to learn how to have the best conversations we can, and learn from each other. We can learn about facts and opinions, about persuasive arguments, and about complexity. Then we'll all be able to help all the communities we belong to to know more about what matters and DO something about helping to make this world better. For me and Susan, better means more equal, more just, more respectful of all living things, and ways to govern that will let them all live more happily and successfully.



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