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Volume 10, No. 14, Week of November 26, 2001

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Volume 10, No. 13, Week of November 19, 2001
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terrorism, truth, forgiveness, and schizophrenic identites
Lisa J. Stevens wrote on Wednesday, November 21, 2001:

jeanne...there are so many things that I feel like writing about and was looking back through some of my favorite (I bookmark them) days from last semester...and at this location dpjcs01.htm....there is a very interesting drawing you put up about terrorism, truth, forgiveness and schizophrenic identites...if you have time take a look, very telling and foresightful (a work???) Lisa Stevens

You're right, Lisa. I did go back to look at it. I suspect it will become a painting by mid-December. The hand in the upper right hand corner has taken on a very different appearance since September 11, hasn't it? We have learned so much.

love and peace, jeanne


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What do you talk about after you say "hello?" Try telling me what three concepts have helped your understanding the most for each of your classes with me. That's a good approach that will illustrate your understanding of conceptual linking. Remember I'm looking for how you've processed specific information, not, "Yeah, I read Marx."

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I'M DETERMINED! I'm determined. by jeanne

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We are in the program for the ACJS Spring Presentations. Those of you who wish to participate (Wesley, this includes you! Michael, this includes you!) you must sign up for participation and go through our Moot Court training. I won't be on campus in the Spring, but I will be doing the training sessions. And I will be with you at the Conference. jeanne


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I'M DETERMINED! I'm determined. by jeanne

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