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Volume 12, No.10, Week of April 1, 2002

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Volume 12, No. 9, Week of March 25, 2002
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Parrot by jeanne.

Spring Sprung

Hey, Guys, let's get to work! Jeanne's got a new computer!


Field Trip - San Diego Museum of Art

  • The Orozco Exhibit at San Diego Museum of Art - A weekend in April?

Switching Systems
Everything is different on the new system, kids. It's making me crazy! and it's gonna take me a few days to get up to speed. But I'm sure you'll manage to occupy yourselves in the meantime. And the parrot made me feel better. I did him with one of the free programs on the new machine.

love and peace, jeanne

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      • Millie Coulter has changed the title of her thesis from Obesity in the Workplace to Obeisty: The Deadly Disease because she has discovered that her main interest in on the increasingly difficult task of fighting obesity in a culture that so focuses on food, especially always available fast food. Millie will still rely on narratives, but will spend more time on interpretation and the hermeneutic role of sociology in translating broad social concerns into practical approaches to our lived experience. This will fit Millie's ideas better and will avoid some of the difficulties of acquiring a sample of obese individuals, since to include someone in such a sample can have negative effects through the labelling involved. Instead of seeking such a sample, Millie will use the snowball sampling technique to contact informed respondents, whom we were able to enlist through our personal network of former and present students. Millie's objective is to provide an overview of obesity in its social and health contexts, and to make all of us aware of the difficulty and danger involved in either dieting or its medical alternatives. This week jeanne added the Philosopher's Diet as a resource, that will provide conceptual links for all us us on fitting this social and health problem into our theoretical discussions on social justice. Millie's and jeanne's notes up soon.

    • Moot Court, Spring 2002:



      <i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
      The NOW is cracking.

      • Healing Thoughts:

        • Richard Watson, The Philosopher's Diet A Nonpareil Book, David R. Godine, Publisher. 1998 editiion.

          I couldn't resist reading this. And I know it will comfort you all to know that "the American average [weight] is perfectly healthy according to most of the medical profession." (At p. 6.) And most people who are really overweight don't diet anyway because they know it wouldn't do any good. (I'll go back and find the page for that later. More, if you nag me for it. jeanne)

      Theory EssaysTheory Essays

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      Discussing Theory:

      • Bush's Mideast Bungle "His initial detachment and then inconsistent policy statements have done nothing to ease the region's deadly tensions." By Howard Gleckman. Business Week Online. April 2, 2002. Link suggested by Lauren Langman on a PSN post. PSN is left perspective. Business Week is moderate to right perspective. Backup. Even though Lauren's post is kind of a "we told you so," bear in mind that we need to look to the theoretical assumptions that ought to be guiding our foreign policy. These are critical times, and not for Israel and Palestine alone. Link added April 3, 2002.

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      • Artists You Should Know

        • Floria Sigismondi Heart, sculpture by Floria Sigixmondi A young Canadian multi-media specialist and director, whose "dark style of imagery" has been compared to David Fincher, David Lynch, Tim Burton, and Darren Aronofsky. She plans to do her own films, and has done music videos for MTV.
          • Art.Direction:Sigismondi Biography and thumbnails of her work. lick on thumbnails for enlargements. Link added April 2, 2002.
          • An Interview with Floria Sigismondi By Adriana De Barros. Scene 360. Backup Link added April 2, 2002.
          • Come Part Mental: an exhibition by Floria Sigismondi September 14 to October 28, 2001. At The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Backup. Link added April 2, 2002.
            "Despite the wide range of media, the thematic current that connects all of her work is the persistant, and often troublesome relationship between humans, nature, science and technology, and the implications these relationships may have on the future of our species. These concerns are particularly resonant in our current era of accelerated technological development, body modification and medical, genetic and biotech research."

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      • Barak Post to PSN by Lauren Langman. Just wanted you guys to know I didn't invent the phrase. jeanne Link added April 3, 2002.

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      Susan with Blue BoyKids' Site

      • Black Boy By Richard Wright. Biography of Wright. Photographs illustrating his childhood. Link added April 1, 2002.

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