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Jeanne Curran, Ph.D., Esq.
Professor, Department of Sociology

at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Created: January 3, 1998
Latest update: January 4, 2001

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  1. Philosophy
  2. Welcome to this forum for academic discourse. The Dear Habermas community provides sociological and philosophical discussions of peace and justice, the privileging of subjectivity, forgiveness in the interest of good faith public discourse, intertextuality and our role in the creation of texts, and narrative. We need the forums. We need to write for an audience, for in writing and publishing we clarify the intertextual struggles to make our voices heard above the orderly mask of the "administered" academy.

    The site serves as a journal on postmodern and critical thought, with special focus on Habermas, defender of whatever can be rescued from the broken illusions of the Enlightenment. Perspectives include race, class, gender, and both postmodern and critical theory analyses of institutional and interpersonal relationships.

    All are welcome to our site, for inclusion is one of the paths to participation and legitimacy for all.

    from the WELCOME to Dear Habermas


    Data for Secondary Analysis
    On the Structural Violence of the Academy

    Despite the three-year continuous maintenance of this site and the presentation of dozens of papers with undergraduate and graduate students at Wisconsin, Parkside and Dominguez Hills, my university makes promotional decisions and satisfies itself as to the integrity of my teaching by the following reports. That's all they have room for in their files. (smile)

    Faculty Activity Report, October 16, 2000
    Post-Tenure Review Papers, February 1, 1999
    Faculty Activity Report, Aug. 18, 1998 through June 30, 1998.
    Faculty Activity Report, July 1, 1997 through December 31, 1998.

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  3. Art
  4. Oh, by the way . . .

    I am a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and sometimes exhibit at Gallery 825 on La Cienega. Some of my smaller pieces can be seen on the site. The work is copyrighted, but may be used on personal Web pages, with acknowledgment. My latest work can be seen at Who's Who in Academic Discourse on Dear Habermas.

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  5. Collected Degrees
  6. The Ph.D.
    In Sociology of Education
    From USC

    with specialties in learning theory
    philosophy and sociology
    because this field gave me tools to answer the really big questions, like
    where would all the future Professors of foreign language go?
    as those departments simply disappeared?
    why do some have? and some have not? how did the world get that way?
    what can we do to bring justice and legitimacy back to the fore?

    Post-Doctoral Year
    In Sociology
    At USC

    Under a National Defense Education Act Fellowship
    with specialties in statistics, methods, and demography
    building on my early science training
    and giving me more tools to seek answers to those really big questions

    An M.A.
    from UCLA

    on my way to a Ph.D. in French,
    as part of the elite corps of teaching assistants under Yvone Lenard.
    Years later, when I came to CSUDH
    here, too, was Yvone Lenard, the wonderful mentor who taught me to teach
    as I have now taught so many others.

    A Bachelor of Arts,
    In Math, Physics, and French
    from Newcomb College
    of Tulane University, in New Orleans.

    Math, because my father insisted
    so I could get a job as an actuary.

    Physics, because I insisted.
    X-ray crystallography was so much more exciting.

    And French, just for me,
    because I loved Andre Gide, who said in his journals:
    "Je deteste ceux qui m'entendent trop vite."

    Election in my senior year to Phi Beta Kappa.

    A Bachelor of "Arts" because that is the only degree that Newcomb gave. Only Tulane, to which Newcomb was attached as the "women's school," gave a Bachelor of Science, even to women who majored in physics.

    The Esq.
    Same as J.D.
    from UCLA Law School

    Many attorneys use the mysterious and swanky Esquire after their names
    even though the California Bar won't confirm that it really means anything
    like that you passed the Bar
    so it's a wonderful example of pure status waving or
    gone mad

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    What does all this mean? Mostly that I can root for both sides at the annual basketball and football games between UCLA and USC.

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