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Sociology of Law and Social Change Class
Fall 1999

How to Get an A or B
How to Get It Down to 25 Words
How to Link Your Ideas to Course Concepts
Consistency: Staying in Touch
Index to Glossary of Law Terms

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: November 27, 1999
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Debriefing Form

Form based on Howard Richards' Peacemaking Methods Course. There are suggestions to spark your ideas, and a form to guide you. If you are interested in this process you might want to carry on your project for an A or a B in the course. This would be a good project for those of you still struggling with that. Form also linked on all class pages.

Law Class Records: Reports of Learning

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Index to Glossary of Law Terms

Sociology of Law Handbook

Introduction to Habermas
Chapter 1: The Unstated Assumptions of Privilege
Chapter 1 (continued) the Fifth Unstated Assumption and the Privileging of Subjectivity
Chapter 2: Private Versus Public Autonomy
Not yet edited, but up on site.
Not yet edited, but up on site.

Course Syllabus