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Latest update: November 6, 1999
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Stefan Szczelkun's Summary of Habermas'
Theory of Communicative Action

Thread initiated by Dolly Honor Klett, CSUDH, Fall 1999
Copyright: November 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.
Curran and Takata, Part of Teaching Series
Copyright: September 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

On November 6, Dolly wrote:


I have been reading and studying the Stefan Szczelkun paper on Habermas. He not only refers to Habermas and his theory, but he is also referring to some of my studies in Dr. Riskin's Graduate Theory class. Stefan Szczelkun's paper is really good and refers to much of what you have taught in all your classes I have attended. I could almost swear he has been attending your classes, too. So glad you put it on the site.


On November 6 jeanne responded:

Dolly, I am so pleased you find the paper helpful. Because we could not cover the Theory of Communicative Action in Sociology of Law, I was very grateful for Stefan's summary. As he cautions us, we know that this is his interpretation of the work, but I, too, found it very readable, and for those who have not yet been able to read the work, very helpful in setting the stage for doing so later.

I invite others to share their reactions, and to ask questions, for we shall surely have questions on this work. I will try to put up several more pieces of the work this weekend, and make the corrections that Stefan reported to me in the first piece. Again, we thank Stefan for sharing his work with us. This makes ever clearer the importance of student work to the body of works we use in intertextual study of our formal texts.